Saturday, 14 April 2012

After Kusam teacher, its sister now

You have enjoyed my first story "My Kusam Teacher" . This is again a real foot fetish experience.

After my 10th exams I went to my uncle's Home in vacations. One of my uncle's daughter named meena has a good tuning with me. She was in 14th class at that time. we both had a good time in playing games and had good fun. She then started to go school and came back in afternoon. They have trend to sleep in afternoon after lunch. we both went to upstairs for playing. She was wearing school shoes and socks. when she undid her shoes I grabbed her feet and placed in my lap. We were talking abt her school and her friends. While talking I undid her socks.

Wow her feet were great. I turn on the T.V She start watching movie. I shifted my position and recline on bed facing her feet. she was busy in watching T.V . I bend my face towards her feet and smelled her soles. Maybe she had noticed but didn't react. with my trembling hands i placed my hand under feet again and buried my face in her soles. I touched my tongue with her salted sole and tasted her feet. She was unaware what i was doing but it seems that she is enjoying too. I was looking at the wrinkles of her sole. she said my feet are dirty. I said its okay with me . I told her "Your feet are beautiful". She said nothing but again watching me. I licked her feet from the ball of her feet to the toes. she felt the sensation. Just then i hear voice of steps somebody might come in room i dropped her.

Next day when she came back from college i was sitting in sofa. She sit beside me. I hold her hand while talking and placed it in my lap. she felt my organ hard in her hand. I don't know her reactions but found she was known wat she is holding. I took her legs and undid her shoes and then socks. I took her bare feet towards my face and licked the upper part of her feet. She closed her eyes and grabbed my organ under my pajama. I was enjoying her feet and get shooted in my pajama.

At night my some guests had came from delhi to my aunt's home. When the arrangement of sleeping was discussed I was told to sleep in bed beside meena. She become happy and shifted her position towards my feet. Now we were in 69 position I turnoff the light. She touched her hand with my foot and brush her foot to my face. I understand her and garbed her both feet in my hands and buried my face in her sole.

Meena brushed her hand from my feet to legs and stopped near my organ. I was in haven with her feet in my face and her hand on my organ. This time she want to see the real show. She undid my pajama and hold my bare organ. I was licking her feet. Meena was now wispering something and moved her face near my organ. "Ohh meena pleace took this in your mouth". Yeh bhaya I want taste your come. Please suck my toes bhaya.Yeh my sweet sister i will lick you every where. Meena undid her payjama and moved her pussy towards my mouth. i licked her pussy ohhh bhaya suck my pussy i am coming............ Yeh i'm licking your come and shoot my come in her mouth. She Again placed her feet on my face and sleep. I can't sleep that night and enjoyed her feet all night.
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