Saturday, 14 April 2012

Akash seduces his young sister

This happened when i was in my college days I was always attracted towards girls since my school days but never got a chance to see a girl naked. Let me first tell u the description of my sister she has a good figure of 34 26 34 and she looks very pretty. She was 4 years younger to me.

So let me start that day my sister and me were alone. I was as usual lying down on a bed and she was sitting beside me watching television. Suddenly a idea crept into my mind through which I thought of touching my sister at her parts. .
I stopped for a while and she slept turning her head away from me. I started getting closer to her n I made an attempt to touch her leg she dint moved this gimme a little courage she was wearing a skirt (school uniform) I then making moves on her leg with my leg and slowly I took her skirt up to her thighs by my legs..

She still kept quiet that was green signal for me I turned her towards me and kissed her on her lips gently. She shuddered a little then I put my hands in her skirt and touched her panty I moved her skirt above and saw her panty then I took her panty off she helped by moving her ass. Wow it was a wonderful site I could see her pussy it was fully shaven. I got up to her took her to bedroom I slowly took her uniform off she was standing only in her panty before me I made her lie on the bed and started taking off my clothes she was stunned to see my manhood.

I went near her n opened her lips and smooched her she responded well. Then I spread her legs to have a clear view of her pussy it was pulsating I bent down and started licking her pussy she began moaning as it was her first time she was responding by making her ass up to my every lick in 10 minutes she came all over my mouth and while having orgasm she locked my face in her pusyy.. ohh it was a electrifying moment . then I asked her to turn over her belly I took my manhood and put it in her pussy from back but it dint went inside I used a little force and slowly it began to enter she plead me not to enter but I was in no mood to resist I put half of it in her pussy and began pumping she was crying in pain soon I was about to cum I took it off from her pussy and sprayed all the cum on her belly. Now I went near her boobs and started sucking them she again began moaning while sucking she took my hand towards her pussy and made me finger her.

It was mind-blowing experience. From that day I use to fuck her every day but kept her safe by spurting my sperm on her belly. Very soon she started learning and began to suck my manhood too.

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