Saturday, 7 April 2012

Anchal's sexcapades with her brother-in-law..Part 1

This is my first story as a author. I might be a bit inexperienced but I am looking forward to your comments on my story.

My name is Anchal.Let me tell you about me first. I am a 25-year-old female from India. I am 5'6" tall and have a very shapely figure I am not married but am not a virgin either. I have a round ass and firm breasts. I am fair and have a very average size of 36c. The specialty of my tits is that it spills a lot of milk when I get aroused. It is always full. And I love the sight when people watch my shirt when it is drenched with milk. I also love to tease people.

I am not very keen on incest. I was not interested in my father in anyway neither in any of my cousin until lately when my sister (SEEMA) was due to get married. The guy (NITIN) whom Seema was to get married was a very decent person. And I liked him from the very first sight. He was well mannered and very decent.

There is a custom followed in Indian marriages that the bride and the groom don't see each 15 days prior to marriage. This is to add the excitement of the couple during the first night after marriage.

As I donot have any brothers all the work of the marriage was on my shoulders. One fine day I had to go to Nitin's house to get some invitations that had to be distributed. His house is quite far from our place; say it takes a one-hour drive. I left my home at 4:00 and reached his place by around 5:30. When I reached his place he was reading a newspaper. The paper was covering his face and so he could not see that I had come in. Just for the sake of surprising I went behind him and covering his eyes I said " hello my dear love." As my voice and my sisters voice are not much different he thought it is Seema and grabbed me, rolled me over and made me sit on his lap and started fondling my tits.

Without moving his hand away from me he took my full breasts into his hand and started caressing my nipples "What the hell do you think you are up to" I screamed. He was totally pisseed off and he dint know what to do or tell.

"I am so sorry Anchal I dint mean it. I thought it was Seema."

"It is alright Nitin I understand. Now forget what happened and go and get those invitations fast." I replied

"oh yes Anchal I shall get it at once.just wait here."

He ran upstairs to get the invitations. Meanwhile I saw that my breasts as they usually do started leaking and I was really shocked to see that my top was totally soaked with milk. I started to wipe my top like crazy but to add things to my misery due to the pressure on my breasts more milk started oozing out. I was frantically searching for a towel when I sensed some movement in the corner of my eye. I lifted my head and I saw Nitin standing there with a towel in his had. "It is alright Anchal you can use the towel. If u want you can also go upstairs to my room and change."

" That would be really nice. Thanks." I replied

I ran upstairs to change and when I entered his room I felt that Nitin was different from the other guys, his room was neat and clean unlike a bachelors room that I have seen. I started looking into his drawer and was not surprised to find some playboys and other sexy magazines under his shirts. I was rather surprised that he dint have something bolder than that. I quickly took a shirt and wore it leaving the stained shirt in his room. Just as I was about t leave his room something caught my eye. It was his computer and it was switched on. Just out of curiosity I went to check what was there. And I saw a desi story there. It was a story about a lady showing off herself in a train. It really turned me on and without my knowledge again milk started leaking.

"Look what you have done. Now u have spoiled Nitin's shirt too." I said to myself.

After finishing the story I again changed into another shirt and hid Nitin's stained shirt at the bottom of the drawer. Just as I finished changing, Nitin called "What is taking you so long there. Is everything alright?" I dint answer but just stepped down.

" Care for a drink?" Nitin offered. " Yeah sure. I will prefer coke." I replied.

While we were drinking Nitin asked, " why have you not yet married?" " Well have not met the right person till now."

" What is the problem for a girl like you? I mean to say you are pretty good looking well educated and have good assets too. If you know what I mean."

I gave him a mysterious stare and said, " yeah I think I know what you are telling. But you know the person should be committed and good at heart. Say someone like you." As soon as I said that I knew that I had said the wrong thing. "Well I am flattered. But stop joking." he said.

"Nitin just for the sake of curiosity can you tell me if you were asked to make a choice again between me and my sister whom will you choose?"

Well I cannot answer for that question was all he could say.

Then there was a long silence between us, which was broken by him. "Why don't you have dinner with me Anchal. It is already 7:00 and if you can wait for say another half an hour I might get some dinner for both of us."

" No thanks Nitin my parents and my sister might be waiting I better get going before it is too late. You know driving too late is bad for girls. And that too I have to make an hours drive. So I better get going."

Saying that I thanked him for his shirt and left his house. On the way home I was thinking about the conversation we had and was feeling happy and some amount of guilty too That I talked all this to my sisters husband.

Three days passed since this incident took place. I was at my home waiting on the dining table for my sister to come for dinner. There was a phone call and dad looked tense. He kept the phone and looked towards me.

"Can you do a small favor for me Anchal" he asked.

"Sure dad. No probs."

" I will want you to go over to Nitin's home now to get some things for tomorrows ceremony. As you know it is already 9:00 in the night and neither your mom nor me can go there right now. And I cannot send Seema there. So I feel it would be better if you could go there and collect it."

I was shocked to hear this. The last thing I wanted to do was to go to Nitin's house. Because I had not forgotten the incident that took place before three days.

"Please dad, I cannot go so late in the night. And more over his house is so far it will at least take an hour for me to drive there and to get those things and come back it will be past midnight. Please understand. I cannot go." I snapped.

Just then seema entered the room.

"Ok Anchal if you cannot go and come back then you can stay there over night. And leave his home at 5:00 in the morning to attend the ceremony at 6:30 tomorrow morning."

Now this was the worst part. My sister was forcing me to stay with her fiancée in his home alone and that too with whom I had a bad encounter three days back.

"I am sorry Seema I " before I could speak anything seema handed me a bag and pulled me and made me sit in the car. Now I was totally helpless.

"Ok seema I shall go. Just call Nitin and tell him hat I am coming so that he shall make arrangements for me to stay there overnight."

I just started the car and drove all the way o his home. I had asked Seema to call him up because I just wanted to be sure that the mistake that occurred last time should not be repeated. I was relieved and also glad to see Nitin waiting for me at the door. He came towards my car and said, " You can park your car in my garage as my car is given for service. Just park the car lock it and come on in.." I did as he asked me to and went into his house.

As soon as I got in Nitin said " As you did the other day you can use my clothes if you want to. Just feel at home"

"ok. I will. Thanks. Shall I use your room for changing." I asked.

"Sure Anchal I said feel at home. You don't have to ask everything" he gave me a stare and off I went upstairs t change.

Like I did in the earlier visit I looked at some of the books and was glad to see some more hard-core books there. They were al really good fucking pictures and beautiful girls licking dicks and getting fucked. I was really turned on by the pictured and the computer also had another desi story but this time it was an incest story I for the first time enjoyed reading an incest story. I felt turned on, and like always I spilled some milk too. But this time I took care that I had worn nothing on when I spilt the milk. Once I had properly taken out all the milk I squeezed it all from my breasts and then I wore my nighty and went downstairs. I went silently just to take a look at what was Nitin doing. When I saw him he was watching a romantic movie on the TV and trust me it was not just romantic. It had a really hot scene going on. As soon as he saw me he switched channels. "Hi Anchal so you are wearing a pink nighty. I think you knew that pink is my favorite color. Did you?"

" Of course not. If I knew that then I would have brought another colored nighty,..Nitin."

We both smiled at each other. "Wanna have something to fill your stomach." He asked.

" No thanx. I just finished dinner before I left my home. So what were you watching?"

"Nothing was just a movie on cable. It is a romantic movie and I don't think you will wanna see it with me."

"Why not.?"

"Because I think you might feel embarrassed."

" What do u think I have never seen things before,.. Come on Nitin I am not a nun I know what is the movie all about.

Come on know I can't watch it in my house coz u know it is kind of old fashioned"

" Yeah I know that Seema also tells me everything about that. are you sure you wanna watch it. If you want to watch it alone I can go to another room"

"Please Nitin now you are making me look so bad. All I asked you is CAN I WATCH THE MOVIE"

He changed the channel and switched on the movie and I could see a steaming scene. A couple were undressing each other. I saw Nitin but he was totally into the movie and it was so hot that I too was not interested in looking at him now.

Surprisingly Nitin moved near me and asked me "How's the movie" "hmmm it is nice" was my reply

"You got a problem Anchal? I think you are leaking. Do you leak every time u get aroused"

I had totally forgot about and when I saw I could see that my nighty was drenched.

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