Saturday, 14 April 2012

Anthony has his first with his aunt.

Hi friends and sexy damsels! I am Antony (not real name) from Chennai wanting to share my beautiful encounters. let me start with my debut experience. please read this and give your response without fail.

About me I'm 21, just an average guy with an average build and I'm 5"9. And about my aunt, her name is Angela (not real name). She's 34. To be honest I'm not good in women's figures (size). But I can tell you this that she's absolutely gorgeous. She is my mom's cousin. She has good boobs and a great ass I should admit.

Right from when I was in my fifth or seventh standard I was so much attached to her. And to be frank with ya all, I was very much aware about WHAT'S SEX & WHAT'S FOREPLAY and stuff like that. My friends circle was in a way that we keep dicoverin' things and sharin' them within ourselves (and that's about how women get pregnant after marriage & about sex-obviously). Once we even hired a porn movie and watched it together. From then on, oooooh baby! I was ON!!!!!!!. She was not married then.Using my age as an excuse and also that I love her very much I hugged her, kissed her, quiet frankly I slept right next to her and shared her bedsheet. Very often you can see me dashing with her and touch her boobs. But the key is that all that looked accidental and i looked innocent to everyone. Doing all that gave me a lot of pleasure which was absolutely sensational to me.

She was working in Bangalore and we were there for the summer holidays. As soon as I saw her, I held her tight and offered her a nice kiss and eventually waited for the night to arrive. YES!! I DID HAVE A PLAN!!!!. Everybody went to sleep, so did my darling aunt. But i was awake all the time. Knowing that she always has a deep sleep and that she has a kind of snoring type breath when she sleeps, I pulled down the bedsheet till our hips. I also took the torch and placed it right next to me. She was wearing a kind of loose white shirt and night pants. I was left to her and she was facing me and fast asleep. After making sure that she's asleep, I took my left hand towards her right boob. I extended my index finger to feel where exactly her boobs were as her shirt was a kind of bulgy. Knowing that she has four brothers and what could be the the result if I was caught, my hands were trembling out of utter fear. Still I proceeded. I let my hand loose and hit her boob as if I was doing it in my sleep. There was still no movement. She had a steady deep sense of breathing. This gave me more courage. I cupped her right boob and was able to feel that she was wearing a bra.

Then I felt the lower end of her bra right under her boobs sliding my finger over her shirt. Then I put both my hands over her boobs trying to duplicate the scene that I saw in that porn movie. I was shivering with a strange sensational feeling as I was doing this. Then I slowly tightened my grip aroung her boobs. The feel was ecstatic and got me completely aroused. Still there was no sign of her gettn' up. Then I took my left hand off her boob and held my cock and started massaging it still holding her left boob with my right hand. Her bra had some circular designs on its cup. I was able to feel it. It was sharp as well. I started massaging her boobs and my dick simultaniously. Man! it felt soooo good. I could feel my body growing hotter and hotter. Suddenly there was a change in her breathin' style. This time it was a lot deeper. The very instant I knew that she might change position. So I pretended to be asleep. I even kind of snored a little on purpose. This time she was lying on her back and flat. And her normal deep sleep breathing style resumed. I got a little bolder and this time I wanted to do something else. I was lying in my stomach and in a position that my upper body rested in both of my fore arms and was watching her closely. My face was right above her's. I took my left arm and touched her forehead and adjusted her strip of hair which was right on top of her face extending down below her lips. From her forehead I took my finger and planted a soft kiss there after holding my breath as it might wake her. Then my finger was back in the position and slid down to her nose, where I planted another. Then I gave one in her right cheek and one in left. After that came my most favourite part. After double checking that she was still in her deep sleep I first touched her lips which were a little bit open and touched her toungue and then I licked my finger to see how she tasted. As I did this I was able to feel her hot breath. That drove me nuts. I wanted to kiss her on her lips which I hadn't done to anybody before that.

I took a deep breath and held it before I reached her lips. So that it didn't disturb her. Then I was abe to easily figure out that the distance between our lips shrinked. My lips touched her's. Her lips were kind of dry. I was excited by doing this and didn't wanted to stop and in the meantime I forgot to take my face off her's so that I could breathe without disturbing my darling aunt's sleep. And before I could reliase that I exhaled and I was kin of stunned and didn't attempt to move from that posture itself. To my luck she continued a soft snoring. I remembered almost every single scene from that porn movie and I wanted to try and see how it feels. I clamped her lower lip between my lips and placed my left hand in her boobs and kept massaging for sometime. Then next step was even intense, I let my tongue out and right inside her lips very slowly but wasn't successful because there wasn't enough room for my tongue as her jaws were a bit too close to each other. As I was very must facinated with her upper body, I completely forgot about her lower part where layed the most wonderful part of a female body every man will ever dream to see and enter through. All this was happening in the romantic ever light blue night lamp. Then I kissed her again and again slowly and very lightly. I let my dick out of my shorts and started some serious massage. Suddenly I saw her neck and wanted to plant a kiss there as well. I put my left leg over her left leg and in a position that my dick was completely pressed hard against her right thigh.Then Before I could reach for her neck there was a slight movement in the room. It was my grandma(my aunt's mom). I guess she went to the toilet. But, I didn't move my position. I lowered my head so that I reached the pillow and took the hand from her boobs and placed it in her stomach and pulled the bedsheet right up to her boobs and my shoulder. Before my grandma could return from the toilet I started to feel her stomach above her shirt. It was a bit hot. As I always liked to watch women's belly button, I thought of touchin' one tonight. Slowly I slid my fingers on her abdomen region. There it was right in the middle a small depression in the stomach region. I wanted to look at it, but wasn't able to do so. My grandma got back and settled in her bed as well. Then I brought down the bedsheet once again. I moved closer to her a little and got my dick a little more pressed on her thigh.

I placed my left hand in her right boob and my right hand supporting my head. This time I pressed her boob a little harder and smelled her left boob with my nose rubbing it. Then I started to suck her left boob or I should say I sucked the tip of her bra very gently. Infact!, the part of shirta bove her left nipple was wet as I had my tongue in there for sometime. There was still no movement. I was shocked and that is the first time I came to know that my aunt always had a deep sleep. Maybe that is due to her job, for which she had to travel a long way. Well whatever the reason for her tiredness is, I was the one who was having a hell of a night. Again she turned towards me. Ofcourse in her deep sleep, in that process she even moved my leg which I had over her left leg or thigh I should say. She was lyin' on her left and faced me. I waited for her soft snore to resume. Soon after it resumed I had both of my hands on her boobs and I was feeling her breathe for sometime. My hands were moving up and down as per her breathing rhythm with her breast.I could feel my shorts gettin' a bit wet. It was my precum. I gathered some more courage and I opened the first button of her shirt. My hands were trembling with excitement. With the first button opened, I peeked through one side to see what colour bra she was wearing. It was a black one. Slowly I touched her in her mid-rib area(upper chest) with my index finger in a very soft manner which I guess might have tickled. She lifted her right hand and that's it, I almost had an heart attack. My heart started to pound in a manner which I felt would end up comin' out of my chest. She actually scratched the place where I kept my index finger. It has tickled her. I was very much shocked, I wasn't able to go close to her even for sometime.

But then I didn't want to stop either. I took some deep breaths and held her second button inbetween my thumb, index & middle fingers. It opened soon after. I spread her shirt apart. In that dim ligh I was able to see a small clevage or it was the upper end of her clevage. Most of it was of her protruding right boob, which was half in and half out of her bra. I've never been excited to that much extent my entire life. Without hesitation I opened her third button. There they were! those beautiful boobs of my gorgeous aunt. I caught one in each hand, above her bra ofcourse. Even hands off my dick, I could feel the difference in my balls and dick. I was gettin' close to my most exciting eruption ever till then. Another idea struck me at that very instant as well. Just because I was touching her very slowly and softly with one finger it had tickled her. So this time I placed three fingers together on her right exposed part of her boob without showing any softness. It worked!. She continued to soft snore. Her boob was warm. Without removing my fingers, I slipped my index finger in the same manner that she doesn't feel to be tickled, and inside her bra and slightly pushed it and pressed it. I could feel adrenalin pumpin' all over me. I also felt a wonderful feelin' start from my head spreadin' all over my body through my nerves and veins. Quickly I took my hand away from her boob and placed my lips on her black bra and sucked it a bit. I did this because, I wanted to erupt when I have her boob in my mouth. I had my left hand in her yet to discover lower abdomen. From where I took my hand and rubbed her right ass-cheek (which was covered by a panty) once and hardly gave my dick one press and it squirted. It was one heavy load. That was the big and best orgasm I had at that age. I was quiet satisfied with myself and kind of proud as well. I wanted to look at her boobs one last time but with more light or bright light I should say. I took the torch and flashed it at the boobs covered by that black bra. I saw a dot-sized mole on the upper middle portion her right right boob. Planting one small kiss right on top of that mole, I was satisfied for the moment. Having accomplished soo much in the very first night itself (kind of funny huh?... FIRST-NIGHT....). I decided to wined up for the night, I buttoned her shirt and went to the bathroom and had a little wash. Had some water, and I saw the time it was 2:30am. Roughly, I started at 11:00pm. I was happy and a bit proud to have had that going for three and a half hours. Already planning to go downstairs on my aunt the next night I kind of gave her soft press in her right boob, and planted one quick kiss on her boob and one on her right cheek as a sign for giving great company. After kissin' her in her boob I felt an immediate hard-on. I put my left leg over her right leg, as she was lyin' on her left facing me, pressin' my hardon against her abdomen, I threw my left arm over her right shoulder. Held her as close as possible(in a soft manner), and went to sleep pullin' up the bedsheet.

The next day I woke up, and had a little hard feel down in my heart. I wasn't able to find her near me. She had already got up. I was a bit scared and had a stupid doubt - IF SHE HAD KNOWN ALL THAT WHAT I DID. But nothin' happened. She came near me and kind of combed my hair with her hand and asked me to go and brush. I held her hand and kissed it and said OK. She asked me, WHAT HAPPENED?. I said NOTHING and ran away. HAVE SOMETHIN' ELSE IN MIND FOR YOU TONIGHT HONEY!... lookin' at her I said within myself.

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