Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ashok teaches his sister all about Sex....


Hey Readers, Myself Ashok from Cuttack, aged 27 had sex with my sister aged 19+. This happend as an accident for which i don't blame myself or her . I say that this is the crude instrumentation of All Mighty. My sister Rasmita, aged 19+ studying in a regional college is very very beautyful. Her hairs are upto her shoulders(beautiful hair style), sizes 32-28-32. But she was a little fool. So that guys moving round her and she was out of knowledge of that. I was scared that no one guy make him to do sex or to make her pregnant. This thought came to my mind why i am saying. Once she phoned a guy in front of me to bring her the Physics refreshier (of her). The guy bring in time, Rasmita took the book and put that on the table and went into the bed room. After that i went to the book and hold that. I opened the book. There was a picture put by the guy 69-position of sex. I was in fire to see that. I thought for a while, if i will beat that boy than what will be. If i will teach my sister of these things, than she will know it better and there will be no problem to us. I put the picture in that book and went to the market. Than my papa has gone to Bank and Mom has been to School. It was noon. I bought a pocket of Condom and a Pocket of Birth Control Pill and A book containint Sex Pictures. I came in time so that she will not go to college. I came very quickly. I called her to the bed room and said her to come with the book. I said her to open the book and to bring that photo.

She was so cute and Bholi that she showed me without any hesitation. I said her that girls should be away from this like you. But most of the girls knowingly all this things but are not away and are so close to this and are having sex. I said that this is the picture of sex. I show him the book how guys and girls are having sex. She said that is it true that boys and girls do sex like this. I said yes. Than i said that this led him for Unwanted Pregnancy and breaking of hymann before marriage and a lot of serious problems. She asked me how to get rid of such problems. I showed her the pockets of CONDOM AND BIRTH CONTROL PILL and said her that whenever she will want sex will say the boy to wear a condom before SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. She nodded and said that if i will show her by wearing the Condom, I said okey and opened the pocket of condom. She was looking anxiously. I opened my pent in front of her and put on the CONDOM in front of her. She was looking and looking. My cook was straight. She said why my Penis is so hard. I said her that when a girl is infront of a guy and sex like things are done, than penis becomes more stronger and it leds for sexual intercourse.

Than my sister said me to teach her sexual intercourse that will be safe. I said by wearing condoms, she will be free from HIV, AIDS, UNWANTED PREGNANCY etc. She was extremely happy to hear this. Than said me to teach of sexual Inter course. I said okey and said her to open up all her clothes. Than i kept a promise from her that she will not say of this to anyone in her life, than i will do sexual intercourse with her. She said yes and promised. I said her to open her clothes in front of me. She was so Bholi that she opened all her clothes in front of me and than i started pressing her boobs and than put one of his boobs in my mouth and than than sucked a lot and than saw she was red and her white body turned red and her nipples are turned straight. She was moaning like ohhh ahhhh and ohhh noooo etc. Than i put my cock on his pussy and stroked and it started to enter. It was unable to enter at once it took 4-5 strokes to complete entering into her pussy. Than she was crying. I asked what is she feeling.

She said me to open my cock out of her pussy as it is paining and she was sliding her faces. I said her Rashmi, it will pain you a little time and than you will discover a great satisfication out of it. She was not believing me and saying me to put out of my cock out of her pussy. But i was very very hot and did not open my cock out of her pussy and went on stroking. She was screaming oyyeee noooo goooddddddddddd and so on and i was fucking her. At last after 1.30 hours i found she was stroking upwards as i was stroking downwards.I saw her face was brilliant and there were fire in her face. I know that she is in very very hot now. But that time my cock spitted in her pussy, inside the condom and we marked that patches of blood were flowing down towards downward and she was in fear to see that. I said her not to be worry as it is natural at the first time of fucking. She was thinking that there is any problem at that time i taught her that this is natural at the time of first time of break of hymann or virginity. Than we were tired and slept for a while and than again held sex and than we never had this. My sister is now knowing each and everything of sex.

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