Saturday, 14 April 2012

Balwinder doesn't stop at his mom.

i am new to this channel but experienced alot in this field. i am BALWINDER AND I AM 55 today 55 and not old but gold in this field.

i remeber and can tell u about 45 years back i use to sleep with mi mother when i was just ten and use to keep mi hand on the nipple of mi mother by lifting her kameez. i dont know whether she use to enjoy it or just for sons sake never tried to shit me or push me away.after 2 to 3 years i changed and use to sleep with mi elder sister and whenever we find the time we get naked and kiss each others body including her boobs her pussy and mi penis. her pussy was. getting hairs by that time littles like grass. this never ended till she grew and her cunt started leaking.once or twice i touched her boobs and pussy she gladly resprocated but never TRIED to have some good relations with me.

during this period i went to mi mama house i got noticed there by mama daughter who was of same age to me in a village near to our city she too had a nice pair of boobs and lovely figure as village belle, mi habit of touching boobs remained there too ands tried to touch but was seen by mi aunty and was threthened by hernot to do so.i was annoyed there and came back mi house and remained stunned for few days.

mi sister enquired from me what happened there why u r so annoyed. i told her the entire story and she consoled me by hugging me and opening her blouse and bra and opening her boobs for me. i was too much pleased with her behaviour and pressed the boobs upto mi satisfaction. in next few days mi mama came to our house and asked mi mother that he wants to leave her daughter with our family so that she sud learn something in the city about sewing and knitting. mi mom gladly accepted the offer and kept the daughter pammi with her. now the pammy was with us and we use to have ghup shup in the late nights including me mi sister and mi cousin. the time passed on with no improvement in any relation with pammi mi cousin. suddenly mi mom dad went to attend a marriage in nearby town and we three werealone in the house.

i told mi sister that this is the chance i want to take revenge. please copperate me. she gladly agreed. we took night food early and went to bed in same room where we three were on a double bed. pammi sleeping with mi sister on one bed and me on another bed. as we slept mi sister changed the bed now i and pammi were on the bed and sister on single bed i started playing with pammi boobs over the kameez(incidently she was not wearing bra ) and started nibbling her nipples. she thought that it was mi sister and kept smiling face but as i continued she moaned please not to do this. but i was in revenge mood i lifted her shirt and touched her boobs and started kissing and licking and sucking her boobs only then she realised that it was me. she wispered didi must be watching wat r u doing. i asked her to keep mum. and started playing with her boobs and pussy by opening her salwar. finger aroused her and she herself shedded the salwar off. mi manhood was tight and erected and i started entering into she was moaning and screaming.

but i continued mi act and fucked her for fifteen minutes. thereafter left her we both were naked and were sleeping without fearing bcoz no one was to come the around early morning i realised that some one is holding mi dick and kissing it too. i thought it to be a dream but it was not a dream but it was mi real sister who was holding mi dick in her hand and was kissing it too. i smiling saw mi sister who was fully awake and was too smiling seeing me and pammi. she wispered u have fucked her. i saw u . but u left u r own sister hungry.

please bhaiyya come to next room please and fuck me too. this was a bold statement we went to next room and she took off her clothes and lyied on floor and me already naked and dick in one up poisition started playing with her boobs and entered mi dick inch by inch and upto seven inch in her pussy and started making hard strokes.we cum together and i licked her pussy and she suck mi dick for the first time when she grew up. in the mean time we saw pammi too was watching the act.

she demanded for more. but it is for next time till then bye .

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