Saturday, 14 April 2012

Charu does it with her father now....

Charu here again just for you. I had my first experience which happened to be lesbian, with my childhood maid Kamli. The second one was my first intercourse with a male body and that too of my own elder brother Raj. Tonight is the most exciting night for me since it is with an adult mature male, none other than my Dad. He is a very attractive man too. Now he is 35 and very energetic, dynamic, at work but mature and reserved in his thinking. He has a very good physique, full and robust body with a majestic personality. Power is the first thing anyone can see in him. And that’s what attracted me to him when he warmly invited me tonight to experience sex with him. I loved the idea that he is so broad minded in all these things. I was so bloody frightened when he caught me in my brother’s room that too fully naked. And then the way he handled the situation without frightening or threatening me in any way at all. He is my true hero and that’s why I couldn’t wait for the day to pass by and nightfall to come so that I can finally have that fantastic experience of making love to a real man, my father.

Dad didn’t restrict me with any ideas as to what I should wear or what I should do or anything. He only asked me to come to his room by 10pm and not before that. He also told me not to let Kamli know that he had seen me in Raj’s room in the morning or anything about it. So she only thought that she is making it all happen for me secretly. I was caught between Kamli making me wear her clothes so that Dad doesn’t recognise me and on the other hand I wanted to wear my own most sexy dress and prepare to give Dad a real feast. I was tired of doing everything secretly so I told Kamli what all had happened. She was shocked that my own brother and even father instead of objecting, they are encouraging me to have sex with them.

I ignored what her reaction and went on to prepare myself for the biggest time of my life. I had an hour long bath to make my skin feel fresh and inspiring. Used all possible cosmetics to seduce Dad’s senses. I had picked a special black lacy bra and a purple satin panty. An almost transparent fluorescent green coloured top with pearly press-buttons in the front paired with a magenta mini-skirt about 3 inches below hips. I felt I would look hot enough in this outfit. I kept waiting looking at the clock ticking. It was only 8pm yet. I was getting impatient. When the clock struck 9.00 I couldn’t wait any longer. I thought what difference will it make if I go one hour early. So I went to Dad’s room in the other bungalow. He was still in the shower. I thought I could surprise him by turning up early. In a few minutes Dad came out of the bathroom. He was so delighted to see me earlier than the said time.

He gave me a warm hug and a sweet kiss and asked me to wait till he is fully ready. He went back in the bathroom and walked out in a black kurta and lungi. He was wearing some really sexually provocative deodorant. I knew he was the best expert in these things amongst all of us in that house, so I could be sure to have the very best time with Big Daddy. First of all he offered me a drink. I asked him what it was. He just winked at me and said “Drink it, don’t ask too many questions”. I guess that was my first lesson in making love, i.e. talk less, and do more. So without thinking I was about to gulp the whole glass. He guided me to drink it sip by sip coz it was supposed to be a strong drink. After the very first 2 sips I was already feeling giddy in the head. Alongwith the giddiness I felt some terrific energy in all parts of my body, totally refreshed. Dad came and sat down on the floor in front of me.

He looked right through the open gap between my thighs into my mini-skirt, probably my panty was showing. Looking in he said, “Sweetheart, I never thought you would turn into such a juicy babe. My nerves were getting excited. I wanted to make things even better, so I put my feet on the sofa close to my buttocks almost in a squatting position to give him a better view of my panty. He pulled my feet back down, running his palms finely over the smooth skin of my legs. Extremely slowly his hands kept moving up and up till they touched the lower edge of the skirt. I thought he was going to put his hand straight into the skirt. But no, his hands went over the skirt riding over my pussy, then taking a nice feel of my belly. Then he sat on the sofa with me. The lights in the room were very soft and the drink was having a strong effect on my senses. I don’t know about dad or whether he even had any yet or not.

But I was feeling very high already. Dad sat on my left side sticking close to me cuddling me with his right arm over my shoulder. His right arm ran through my soft hair then stroked my cheek and neck. His left hand brought my glass to my mouth for another few sips. I wasn’t able to drink it properly so some of it trickled out of the mouth and spilt on my top. I felt conscious about spoiling the dress. I thought I was ruining the fun. Dad was smart. He laughed and poured the rest of the drink all over me along with the ice. I felt very helpless; I didn’t know what to do next. He taught me to relax, that this is the actual way to enjoy. He took a close look at my drenched top. It was already quite transparent. Now with it being wet it was as good as not having the top on me. But I left it on.

I wanted Dad to enjoy undressing me. The very next moment he said “let me make you comfortable”. The top had very delicate press-buttons which open effortlessly. Dad started by touching my lips in the most gentle way. He had big fat strong hands that easily covered my face actually. These fingers ran slowly and smoothly down my neck creating a powerful seductive effect on my senses. As his fingers browsed along the neckline of my top he opened the first button and the second. He spread away the two sides of the top to each shoulder taking the first glimpse of my black laced bra. The bra was also pretty wet and with the ice in my shirt I was feeling very cold. That ice was melting and entering even my panty giving a tingling sensation. It was uncomfortable but I enjoyed it. He carried on loosening the rest of the buttons downwards and put his hand on my abdomen feeling the elastic waistband of my mini skirt. Then his fingers were rigidly pushing through my panty and pressing his finger very hard into my clit. It was getting painful, I begged him to be easy on me. But suddenly he had changed from the gentle person to an unbelievably ruthless monster.

I was too shocked but had no escape. I guessed barbarianism ran in the blood of the males in our house. He picked me up by my skirt with just one hand and carried me to his bed, flung me into the bed, walked to his table and pulled out four pairs of iron handcuffs. Within no time he had both my hands and legs locked to his bed. Quickly he removed his black kurta and lungi and stood there fully naked in front of me. Looking angrily at me, he asked, “So you really want to experience sex huh? Are you horny enough yourself?” I was frightfully speechless. Not being able to think I just nodded and then started crying. Then he calmed down again and smiled at me.

But he didn’t remove my cuffs. He said he wanted to keep me like a sex slave till the whole night was over. I didn’t mind that so long as he didn’t hurt or torture me. He landed himself next to me in the bed. His dick was huge like a 10 inch long hunting knife. I was looking at it when he asked if I could take such a big one in my tiny hole. I told him that’s up to him how he does it. He gave me mean smile a he placed his hot hands on my tits pushing the bra straps off my shoulders. Instead of unhooking the bra he effortlessly tore it off and threw it away. He tore away the skirt in the same way. I felt like a little kitten was going to be screwed by a huge lion. I was left with only my panty on now. He kneaded my balls for a long time. His cum was oozing all over my body.

He made me drink another few glasses of the alcohol and poured much of it on my entire body then licked it up. He kissed my feet and continued kissing all along my legs till his mouth reached the insides of my thighs with his big nose touching the lower edge of my panty. His nose was also so big I could feel him pushing it into my pussy and trying to push away the edges of the panty with his strong tongue. His teeth were so strong he just went on chewing on my panty till it was left shredded to bits and pieces on the bed. I loved his beastly style of making love. He was like a cave man. Right now he belonged to my cave. He looked so enthusiastically at my sweet pussy.

Again he landed his massive self on my tender figure. His hot rod was too large for me too handle. But he tried to take care by inserting it slowly and gradually through my delicate cunt. He had hardly even touched the head of his dick to the mouth of my cunt and it felt like a bulldozer was going to destroy all my assets. With no more waiting he bashed the 10 inch muscle rod thundering through my virginity. He banged and banged for nearly half an hour non-stop. I was yelling and screaming in pain but nothing could stop this beast. He forced more drinks down my throat just to make me loose my senses. He went on chewing on my delicate tits till they were bleeding. Just then Raj and Kamli also turned up to relieve me. I felt relieved that I could go back to my room and rest after all this.

But I was wrong. It seems it was all planned by the three of them that at this point Raj will take over me and Dad will attack Kamli. The men did exactly that for some time after which I was still kept tied down to watch both the men fuck Kamli simultaneously, i.e. one from front and one from behind. I was quite inspired by Kamli’s skills so I complimented her. Then she encouraged me to try the same. I learnt it in no time. My holes had also expanded large enough to easily take Dad’s dick in my ass and Raj’s in my pussy together. Sometimes they rewarded me with mouthfuls of their heavy cum flow. I became an expert in just three nights with three kinds of people. First experience a lesbian one, second with a young amateur male – my brother, and third the man amongst men – my Dad

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