Saturday, 14 April 2012

Goldy can't get enuff of his aunts

I am goldy from new delhi again last time i sent a story abt fucking my aunt manju here is another true incident.

As my folks had been to our native place, I was staying with another of my aunt in New Delhi so I wouldn't have to cook and I could also help her with some house work. My uncle works at karnal and only comes home during the weekend. My aunty is a very respected lady in the society. She's cultured and also into a lot of social activites. To me, she looks sexy in a very mature way. She has those big breasts and big widened buttocks due to her age. She is aged 46 and has very few streaks of white hair. I have been having an eye on her. But due to the age difference I could never approach her out of respect. But whenever I used to cross her I use to rub her buttocks with my hand or fingers or with my buttocks, and I acted as though I did it unintentionally. She never used to notice that. Even if she did, I think she never used to take it all that seriously. I was waiting for a good time and I planned what I should do to get her into bed. It happened one day when everyone in the house went to a function in the morning itself. I started talking with her generally and I told her that we could buy some lunch from the hotel, so she wouldn't have to cook. She said OK. I went to the hotel and bought dosa for her and bought some sex simulating tablets for ladies and made powder and mixed with dosa everywhere as she could not find anything.

Again I packed the dosa in nice manner and brought home and gave the dosa to her. I also bought a dosa for myself. Both of us started eating dosa. After finishing she started feeling drowsy immediately, because I think I had given her overdosage. When she got off from the chair, she started falling down. I suddenly got hold of her in my hands. Slowly I put my hands on her breast there was no response. I cleaned her hands. Slowly I moved her by taking her to bedroom. She was totally lying on me and she was unconscious. I made her lay on bed. I went to my room changed to my jeans, closed all doors and windows and reached near her. Closed the bedroom door switched the light and fan. Went near by her removed her saree on top, opened her blouse and bra, not removed fully. Took her breast in hands sucked pressed juiced did all what I want to do. Slowly removed her saree from the bottom, saw her fucking cunt in full light, pushed her sideways and saw her full view of her buttocks. Pressed and made the buttocks to view in different shapes. Then finally I started fucking her with all my energy. She was slowly responding to me by shaking her buttocks and lifting her buttocks upwards to get a full stroke shot. But she was still in an unconscious stage. I started at enjoying her from 12:30 PM. till bout 3:00 PM.

I fucked her thrice during this time in three poses, by putting more pillows under her buttocks and getting her fucked in cushion type and watched the movements of her buttocks along with her hips. Enjoyed very well. Finally when she got she saw me and her in half naked. She started fighting with me. I had to talk a lot to compromise her that when she was above to fall down I hold her and that got me all aroused and I was uncontrollable. Finally I talked and brainwashed her and made her reaslise that there's nothing wrong in it. She had actually enjoyed it. I could give her much pleasure and satisfy her. Nobody needed to know. It would be our secret. After she went to bathroom and came out, I started by holding her hand. She refused a lot but I convinced her and started slowly occupying her. I started kissing her mouth to mouth and she was slowly losing herself. Then I kissed her in different types and put my hands on her breast and slowly removed hooks from her blouse and started sucking her both breast for a longtime. This time I removed her blouse and bra fully after I removed her saree and petticoat and made her totally naked. She told me to switch off the lights and I started putting my penis into her cunt and started a full stroke of fucking. Once the first time was over, she was Ok, but still in a daze.

During the gap of next shot I took a look on her whole body, with her legs up/down backside/side wards told her to stand and had looked her beautiful cunt and big buttocks as I had seem them with but with the saree covering it. That day I fucked her five times very hard and tough and she enjoyed it a lot by holding her buttocks in my hand and fucking/kneeldownfucking etc. We have to stop at 5:00 PM. Because the servant maid came in to do work.

>From that day onwards when there's nobody in the house, I use to fuck my aunty, sometimes long fucking sessions naked, sometimes short fucking sessions without removing clothes. I just love elderly women. I can go on and on for hours with them and raise them and myself to a different sexual experience all together..

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