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His married sister is like his wife.. Part 2

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I moved her position straight and made her sleep on her back, and opened her legs the same way my sister was, went between her leg and started smelling the crack and moving the brief a little, saw the crack more clearly, I started licking my small sisters cunt and after sometime, I could see lubrication in the place and tasted the same as my elder sisters, I knew she was enjoying it in her sleep or dreams, the pleasure was too good.

This continued for few days, I inserted my finger into her cunt hole, gave her a finger fuck, I made her cum in her sleep several times, I sucked her. After a few days, I told her that I saw BIL and sister sleep without clothes because they get good sleep without them, and told her do you want to try, she was a little shy but having faith in me, she said okay. She removing all her clothes but told me not to switch on the light and she is not comfortable, I said why would I and then she told why she only should sleep nude why shouldn’t I, infact, in that case, both will be comfortable, I said no problem and removed all my clothes and both were sleeping nude.

With no bed sheets over us, and sleeping in the same bed nude, it was not easy, I was waiting for my sister to go to sleep, but she wouldn’t, so I put my hand on her shoulder and asked what the problem was, she said she is feeling somewhat uncomfortable and uneasy and want to wear the cloths, I said, it’s because you a sleeping for the first time like this and after something you will enjoy sleeping nude.

After midnight, when I was sure that she was sleeping, I touched her cunt and started enjoying the feeling, she was getting excited and lubricating, I had kept couple of pencils next to me that night and starting inserting one by one, I inserted in total 3 pencils and started fucking her in pencils, it was nice, after sometime, I licked her crack and I got the same smell and taste which I had enjoyed with my elder sister.

The coming day, I thought that it time and gave her 2 sleeping pills which my sister used to use, around 11.30 midnight, (we had slept nude that day too), I moved myself above her and after licking and fingering, put my penis into her cunt and started pushing it, it didn’t go in, something was blocking the entry, I fucked her as much as I could enter and my cum was all over her cunt. I cleaned and when to sleep. In the morning she was complaining of some kind of pain at her vaginal place, I didn’t have reply and evaded the question.

That day my sister went out and only we were at home, I said should I give her bath, she said NO, I said why, we have seen each other and have been sleeping naked and there shouldn’t be any reason to say NO, then she agreed, I gave her bath that day and touched all her private parts for the first time when she was awake and could feel me, I made sure that I touched her cunt more than required and she started lubricating in the bathroom itself and said that it was enough, I didn’t leave her and after bath, I cleaned her with a towel and asked her where actually the paid was, she was a little shy but showed the cunt portion, I went close and touched the cunt and started massaging, she said she felt nice, I told her to relax and started massaging and after few minutes, she started lubricating and inserted my finger into the cunt and finger fucked her, she said, yeah, that’s the exact place it’s paining, after finger fucking her I started licking her for the first time when she knew what
I was doing, she was really enjoying it.

In the night, she told that she liked what I did in the morning, I asked I she wanted me to do that again and she said yes, I started finger fucking her and licked her for sometime, she was HOT, she was enjoying it and told that she never felt anything like this earlier. I was fully erect and came above her, she asked me why, I told I put my finger all this time, but now I will put in penis inside which is the right instrument, she let me and I tried to enter her, again the same problem, something was blocking the entry, I pushed a little and she was crying with pain and told me to get off, I saw the place and there was blood already, I came off her and slept beside her, after few minutes, she told would you like to try again, I said, its better if she comes on top of me, she spread her legs and positioned herself right on top of my penis, my penis was inside very little, hardly an inch, I told her to comedown on me with full force, she did exactly as I told and I had entered her
breaking her hymn, she fell on me and we didn’t move for almost 10 minutes, she was wreathing with paid.

I took my tool out and cleaned her cunt, I started fingering her and sucked her, she was lubricating more than regular, now I came on top of her and started fucking her, she was hot property, the lubrication was so much that we didn’t have any problem at all, I fucked her whole night, we did it for 3 time that night.

This is how things started between my sister and myself, I fucked her to her and my heart content, now she is married and happy, after marriage, I never fucked her.

This is a true incident, but has written in a dramatized version so that the reader can enjoy it.
This story is in two parts.. Click on the page to go to that page directly
Page No: 1

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