Saturday, 14 April 2012

Jatin screws his own sister....

Hello dear readers this is Jatin 25 writing this story about mine own sister whom i did and dare to fuck during the course of our living in a hotel.

I was sixth member of mi family eldest one was anu mi sister and in between there were four other members who expired during infancy and i survived. so there was a difference of around 12 years in between us.After mi birth in a years time our father expired and mother become mentally sick hence the duty of mi was entrusted to mi sister for looking after me .Father left much property and cash balance hence there was no problem for our lively hood. O ur grandmother arrived in the scene and was heading the family.

My duties were being done by mi sister from batheing me till school going it was with mi sister. I go naked before sister was not a problem for me until i was 10 years of age. Thereafter i felt shy being naked before mi sister and certain duties were entrusted to me as to bath and getting prepared . Moreover this was time for di s marriage also as she was getting to the age and her marriage was fixed in canada as mi grandma having realtion over there.

Time passed on but not for mi di as she was facing many problems as her marriage was not a happy marriage and till next ten years there was no issue to them she was living shabby life over there in canada and never visited india thereafter. Only once her message was recd when i was around 22 and her marriage too was around 12 years old.S he was preparing for mi marriage in canada.It was the year 1983 i prepared mi passport and I left for canada to meet mi sister and prepare for mi marriage over there . Mi marriage was fixed there and a local job was also arranged for me.

But mi hard luck did not left me here too in a palane crash mi jiji died and mi marriage proposals were set aside by mi sister as we have to return back to india.

Then to claim the compenation for mi deseased jiji we have to go to cnanadin ambassy many a time some time we get some good place to stay or some time we use to stay in ordinary hotels. On one such occasion we rushed all the day long here and there for claiming the amount.But in ther night we did not get any good hotel we got one room in which there was only one bed of size 4X6 and we have to stay there.the bed was too short for us but to spend the night safely we satyed there . We had lunch from out side and at 11.00 pm we came back to our room since it was hot in india we had a bath in the night and di wearing nighty only came back in the room. I too had a bath and weared barmuda and t shirt and came back in the room the cooler was running in the full swing and we tried to lay down on the bed since it was too small for both of us i decided to lay on the floor . i expressed mi sincere desire but didi refused to accept mi desire and said oh no u must sleep on the bed we will accomodate ourselves.

it was probably 2.oo pm in the night suddenly i felt some thing inside mi bermuda and found the mi dick was arousingup. since it was touching the hip the ass of didi it is finding erection and to mi utter surprise the ass nighty of didi was above the waist line hence the ass was completely naked and mi dick was finding the way to touch the ass point. man is a shameless creature i felt it and become shameless and opened mi dick and now it was touching the ass of did and lubricating it by precum juice. i touched mi didis tits by mistake or intentionally showing it to be by mistake. didi didnot reacted to it but i was trying to fill the backhole with mi dick.Mi di changed the side and faced me and kept her eyes closed. N ow mi dick was searching the pussy of the di the enter it in. and mi face was in between the grown up boobs of mi di. With dick touching pussy and face in between the boobs didi embraced me by both the hands and now i came to know that didi is awaking. In the meantime mi dick leaked outside the pussy of di and she felt something on her pussy and opened her eyes and said oh man wat u have done....... oh i am sorry didi i did not intended to do so..... but it happened oh mi little brother after all i am u r di............. shud have realised that but id i am sorry i regret ............... and in shamefull manner i bowed mi head before her.

she woke up and went to bathroom for cleaning the cum which spread over the hairs of her pussy. i too went behind her for cleaning mi dick. we both came back and and tried to talk to each other .... she was now looking at mi dick and said oh u were so small when i use to see this it too was too small........ oh did i have grown up now u know so she too have grown up.............. oh i know ....... but if u intended to do anything u sud have done it have niether satisifed u nor me....... let me see ......... she further said Jatin please see thhis matter sud be closed over here in this room and it sud not be known to anyone there in Sharanpur. oki...

I said oki didi we will close this affair over here and i say sorry for that and let us try to sleep. she replied no let us do it properly then we will sleep.......oki oki did let me get prepared once again.............. She took mi dick in her hand and started sucking it like a lollipop and made it erect again and spread her legs and asked me to fuck her hard

i obeyed her and started making hard strokes.....which lasted for about 30 minutes and offered me to suck her boobs now mi mouth on her boobs and dick inside her pussy the process went on for another half an hour and finally we both come.
i saw mi watch it was around 4 in the morning...... we slept embracing each other.

we extended our visit for another two days in delhi but next day shifted to another good room having two beds. We enjoyed sex many a time during our stay at delhi...........and finally came back.......I am still unmarried and use to satisfy mi didi ...... and sometime mi didi offer me some good girls also to meet mi male ego.

We have travelled all over india and stayed in almost all the good hotels and fucked mi didi there. if anybody willing to marry mi didi after knowing all this she is now 45 and still strong and looks cheerful due to mi fuckings

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