Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kam has a very naughty Bua

Hi friends I am Kam from India living in northern part of India. I remember the night when this all happened I was working on the Internet and was caught watching nude pics. I will tell you this in a wide manner Then my age was 20. Let me first describe my Bua (in India father’s sister is known as bua) to you.

She is 38 years old lady she is little fat but cute, married and having 2 daughter age 19 and 17 her physical appearance no doubt plump but her plumpness makes me mad .She was having really big BOOBS, the Boobs never fitted in her Bra little portion of it always appeared from her Kamiz. Her cunt was really sexy I really can’t explain it to you how nice is her cunt. My father and mother had gone to see their far relatives from town and were doing to come after three of four days. They told my Bua to sleep at their house because I would be alone at night.

My bua agreed because her Husband had gone outside the town because of his touring Job and her daughter’s we with her. So She decided to shift to our house. My parents had gone and I was the only male member in the house. My bua decided to sleep with her two Daughters and me in my dad’s room. My room is divided in two parts one is the computer room also known as study room and the other is my bedroom. As night falled I was working on my Internet with the door closed so that no one come to my room but I did not lock my rooms so that anybody could come to my room it was 10:00 PM in night when. I was working on my Internet staring nude Indian pics when all of sudden my Bua came in and saw me seeing nude pics at that time I was making my cock hard she saw my hands on my cock.

She was shocked for a while and went to my bedroom my heart started pumping at the speed of 300 km/h my legs started shivering. I felt that this is the end of my life I started thinking if my bua will tell my mother what would I answer to her and started thinking all negative. My erect cock at once fell down as if building falls to the ground. I started felling very embarrassed how would I face my bua what would she be thinking about me in such tension I switched my internet off and shut down my computer and felt it is better to sleep in my computer room instead in my bedroom. The most embarrass night passed in the morning I rushed to my collage without seeing my bua and even did not eat my breakfast. When I was returning from collage I thought it was stupid ness to hide from bua I have to face her why not now .

I went to my house sat on the dining table for my lunch thought I will face my bua. I asked for my lunch on hearing my voice my bua came to me and asked me why did you rush to collage without telling me and why did you not come to your bedroom to sleep last night I thought in my mind how could I face you at that time .She said Ok now have your lunch. I had my lunch with my 2 cousin sisters (my bua’s daughter), my bua was quite frank with them I felt bua must have told them about yesterday night she was frank to her daughter because she believed that it is good to know what her daughter’s thought of the opposite sex she even knew that her 2 daughter’s had boyfriends. While eating lunch they were laughing at me, I felt that moment bua must have told them. My legs started shivering I finished my lunch and went to my room .In the night I went to my bathroom to pee there I saw my bua’s BRA My cock was almost at its best I did not knew that my bua was keeping an eye on me must be because of yesterday night She entered the bathroom my saying sorry I did not knock on the door it might be deliberately or might be a chance .

I said it is ok and went to my room it was around 11:00 PM she came to the room to sleep wearing saree and a silk Blouse I could easily see her erect nipples I felt that today bua is missing her husband we had to share one pillow and one blanket as she came close to me and laid aside me her big BOOBS touched my hand and on this she gave me a smile I could not understand why she smiled bua was sleeping very close to me her hot boobs were keep on touching my hands I tried to squeeze her boobs my touching them she all of sudden asked me a question what were you doing on the Net yesterday night I said watching nude pics of Indian babe She said there is nothing bad in watching nude pics but you should close the door properly had your cousin come in what would they had thought that there brother is sexually frustrated .I could not understand what is bua saying I felt it might be because she is quite frank to her daughter’s .

I said I am sorry I will shut the door properly next time . She said “I would like to watch those pics which you have downloaded from the Net” I first of all hesitated then I thought what to hesitated I felt something in my mind about my uncle (my bua’s husband) I felt that my bua’s husband is 90% outside the city in his work and bua could not have sex with him regularly as other wives do have with their husband I understood’s bua’s feelings and took her to the computer room there I saw her nude pics of Indian babes she said to me “tumhe is me kya acha lagta hau”I replied “bade mamme”(big BOOBS ) she came closer to me and took my hand and said press my BIG BOOBS I first of all hesitated she said it is OK your uncle is almost outside and he is not able to satisfy me and I can’t take a risk to have another men in my life so I thought of you would like to be my other man ,no one will know of it I said would your daughter mind she said no I have told them about you first they assessed that a small boy of our age will have sex with you and they refused I explained them if I will keep another man the news will move around and it might happen one day yours friends will point on you so I have thought to make a person who is close to us and no one know of it in this my daughter said OK.

Listening to this I was surprised on my bua’s behavior how long she thinks. My Bua was so frustrated she unzipped my pants took took my 7”inches cock into her hand and started licking my cock as it was my first experience I told my bua it is my first time I am going to fuck a female she replied it is your first time but not the last you have to fuck many girls and many ladies like me I smile and said you are correct to put my 7"inches cock in her mouth and started to lick it my cock started getting hard so hard just like a hard wood she licked for 5 minutes I also got frustrated and started to squeeze her breast her boobs were so big that they could hardly come in my hand’s I asked her the reason of such a big boobs she smiled and said sorry it can’t be told and then she put her tongue on my dick and start to suck it while she was sucking my dick my hands start to move on to her breast and I press one of her breast started to squeeze her nipples .

I told my bua to strip herself she took her palloo (saree ‘s last part) from her chest part I could clearly see her big boobs coming out of her blouse I told her to quickly undue your blouse as she undue her blouse I could see white BRA of my bua. I was now dying to feel my Bua’s breasts and when bua asked him in a mischievous voice 'Kam, inko choosne ka man nahi kar raha kya tera?', I immediate put my mouth upon her breast. My hand almost trembled with excitement as my hand went inside her saree. By now we both were feeling less inhibited. Now we both knew that we wanted each other. Bua also was beginning to feel impatient. Quickly she unbuttoned my shirt. . My whole body tingled as the stroking went on. It felt incredibly nice. Suddenly I felt the ejaculation coming.

But Bua realized it too and she stopped stroking it. She didn’t want me to ejaculate at this moment. She decided that it was time for her to take off her clothes completely. She stood up near the bed and pulled down the sari. She then undid the knot of her petticoat and let it fall around her ankles on the floor. She also took off the already open blouse and threw it on the floor. She was about to pull down the panties when I asked to do it, 'I eagerly began to pull her panties down. I swallowed hard as Bua had shaved her cunt. It looked beautiful and I was dying to touch it. After stepping out of her panties, Bua helped me undress totally. Then she laid herself on the bed and whispered to me,'Chal, mere uupar AA JA.' As I put myself on top of her, she put her arms around me.

For a moment we looked into each other's eyes. Then I whispered,'can I kiss you.' On hearing this, bua immediately pulled my lips upon her lips. As we opened our mouths and our tongues met, we both felt excited in a way we had never felt before. After this kiss, I stopped feeling inhibited. Spontaneously I explored every part of her body. I planted kisses all over her face, then went down and hungrily sucked her breasts. Bua moaned as I fondled, tickled, suckled and caressed her breasts. Then suddenly she whispered, 'now you give me a kiss' I was about to put his mouth upon hers, when she smiled and said, ‘Chutiya kahin ka! In hothon pe nahin, neeche wala hothon pe puppy chahiye mujhe.' I was waiting for this moment and then I moved back.

Then I put my tounge in her pussy it was really exciting to lick her shaved part I licked for 10 minute during which she moaned like hell I felt something coming out it was her juice I liked to drink her juices her juice was just like drinking a coke. She was shouting like hell I felt her daughter’s might have heard her voice I stopped the process by saying your daughter might come here she surprised me my telling that they already know that I am going to have sex with you tonight .She then ordered me put my 7"inches cock inside her wide pussy. The pussy was so wide that it took no problem for me to put my dick in her hole. Then I started the to and fro motion which she also started to support I continued this process for 5 minutes after which I felt I was about to cum I told her I am cumming she said it is ok I will take care of it I cummed in her wide and deep hole.

Then I took my cock out of her I was totally finished. But my bua immediately stood up and asked me to wait for a moment.fter a minute, she came with an oil bottle and applied some oil on my cock. I again attained the hardness. Then she sat on me as my tool entered her tight ass. I was having fun of lifetime. I cummed after 3 or 4 minutes. After that both of us went to sleep and in the morning we had bath together where I fuck my bua again. This continued for 3 days, AUR IN TEEN DINON MEIN MAINE BUA KI BUR AUR GAAND KO JAB BHI MAUKA MILA CHODA. Now whenever I go to my bua’s house my cousins give me a naughty smile as if I am going to fuck their mother again. I had also offered my cousins and my bua to have group sex with me. But that’s another story which I will narrate to you later

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