Sunday, 15 April 2012

Karna & Neeta share a special bond Part 2

This story is in two parts.. Click on the page to go to that page directly
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She realized that I watched her naked body behind the door.

But I didn’t know that my sister watched my naked 9 inches rod .

Later I went to read news paper in hall I sat on sofa to read news paper .

Neeta started her sweeping due to her transparent nighty I viewed her milky boobs from out side .she is came nearer to me I am watching her tots behind the news paper .and she

Started sweeping behind me for a long time I have a great closer view of her big tits my dick is again erected with a great heat .she saw my dick erection and waited for some more time nearer me to shoe her boobs.

I under standard that my sister neeta is going to heat me up.i neglected her looks towards my dick .i stared at her boobs wow what a great view it is know my sister boobs is in front of me her cleavage is sexy. She also stared at my big dick.

And she started to impress me I understand her thoughts and I pretended that I am not watching her sweet looks on my dick. beecoz I want more hot pleasure from her boobs.

Know she is acted that some dirt is there above my sofa .she rise her hand to clean dirt on the wall that is above my sofa. at that time I got a very closer view of her tits nipple from her nighties . from her transparent nighty I watched her gray nipples of her boobs .but she pretended that she is ignoring my looks .her nipples also erected with my hot looks .

She turned back to sweeping due to no bra and no underwear her back ass also viewed transparently .my dick is know in out of control by watching her great ass semi nakedly .

Then later she entered in to her room and closed her door .little bit of her door was incidentally opened with my sister and she pretended that she didn’t know that door was open .she know removed her nighty to take her bath .

Again she is totally naked in front of she is acting that she is not known that I am watching her naked body. She wear towel on her boobs and entered into her bath room.

Bath room door also opened a small part incidentally.

I understand my sister sexy thoughts. and didn’t want to waste my dicks heat I started watching her bath behind the door. Know in bath room she removed her only towel on

Her tits and catches her both boobs with her hands and rubbed them hardly and moaned

Like haaaaaaaa ha haaaaaaahh huh mmmmmmmmm.i also erected with her moans

I also opened my dick from my shorts and started masturbation she tickled her nipple tightly and moaned loudly her hips r jumping with great pleasure .then she entered her nails in to her pink sweet pussy started pushing and pulling inside and out side and moaned like aaaa mmmmmmm aaahhhhhhaaaahaaa ………

I also did fast my masturbation I get out of control with her acts. I also shredded my sperms along with her. know she got out with towel she again watched me that I watched her in bathroom. I and she both r pretended that we didn’t watch our acts.

But I know she is watching and she know I am also watching her acts….

Later she wear her T shirt and jeans .casual wear it is she wears daily in house

She said karna I want to go to supermarket for goods will u drop me at super market with u r bike I said ok for that .she felt happy with that.

I started my bike she sat on bike at only one side her right boob is touching my back again my dick is erected . she incidentally touching my back with her boobs .i understand

Her feeling and I pretended like I didn’t observing her .later from return to home she sat

On both sides she incidentally pressed her both boobs towards my back my dick is with a great erection know huh her nipple is penetrating in to my back they got hard rock erection. I feel sexy experience with that touch.

Later we entered in to home she went inside in to kitchen for her work I went into bathroom to take my bath. i masturbated by imagine her boobs and ass. I did very roughly .

After finishing my bath I dressed up to go to college .

Suddenly from inside the kitchen I heard I sound that something is fell on the floor I rushed towards the kitchen .some crockery’s are fell down on my sister my sister skid

On floor due to some oil leak.

Neeta is crying and she is help less at that time I cleaned all the dirt on her at that time I touched her boobs lots of time her boobs are so smooth like sponge .i felt happy with that touches.

She is know in her t shirt and jeans. she I asked me to give my hand for help.

i given hand to lift her up. she got up with help of my hand she is know crying with her back pain something is felon her back .i understand that she is pretending .she said that

Plzz take me up to my room I said ok with that .i know she is acting with her pain.

I slowly take her into bed room she fell on me at that time her both boobs are in contact with my shoulder

She slept on bed and said karna plzz give a massage on my back I got a pain.

I realized that she is going to tempting me I said ok for that. i brought a oil

And asked my sister to open her t shirt she said that I will not able to move plzz open my t shirt with u r hands I said ok for that I got erection in my dick .

She slept on her back and then she turned back her back is facing towards me .

Her nice ass is facing towards me I slowly put my hands on her hips to remove her t shirt and folds it remove in up word direction t shirt was struck at her big tits she is still acting that she is suffering with pain.

Then I put my hand on her boobs that is on top of t shirt to lifted her a little up words to remove her t shirt .she moaned slowly like hhhhaa I got a great pleasure with that touch first time I touched her boobs with my hands they r too soft to press, she said nothing for that .

Know she is in her bra only .i was at her back side her boobs r touching her bed.

Know she removed her jeans button and pushed down up to smaller part .

Between her hip and buttock she got a pain she said.

I begin massaging her back she is getting pleasure and moaning slowly. i heard

Her moans she said plzz give me some water I said ok for that and went in to kitchen to take water then I returned she wear her t shirt and jeans. said thanks .i said its ok neeta.

Later she asked me karna plzz don’t go college for today becoz I am with back pain plzz help in my works I said ok for that and I guessed something is going to be happen today.

Neeta went in to her room and sleeps in her room .i have a great touch with her boobs today by imagine that I got pleasure with her.

Later I also went to her room and slept beside her in my short I didn’t wear underwear incidentally .i pretended that I am in deep sleep after some time something is moving in my shorts I watched what is going on there but I am acting that I am in deep sleep.

Hey that is my sister hand she is moving her hand on my dick my dick is suddenly erected she stunned with that and I awake with that touch .and I asked what happen neeta any problem I asked. she shivered and said yes I got again pained plzz rub my whole back . I said ok for that she said plzz bring that oil I went to bring that oil.

Know she laid on her back her boobs are viewing me .i spread oil over her stomach

And pressed a little bit upper part of stomach she turned back and removed her t shirt

Totally .then I pored oil on her total back I started rubbing she said bra is disturbing you plzz remove hooks of my bra I said ok and removed hooks of her bra.. know her back is totally naked except her ass .i massage her whole back she suddenly moved front side

And ordered me to rub her stomach again at that time her bra hooks are remove she is on her loose bra. Her boobs are little bit viewing from bra.

She is closed her eyes during my massage .that was her acting that I should watch her boobs

I observed that she is closed her eyes and then I stared at her milky boobs suddenly she opened her eyes and shouted on me karna what r u doing .r u looking at my body she said

I replied nothing for that .she said I AM GOING TO PUNISH U what u watching me from morning I know that .i will punish u in sex. lets start play with me.

She hold my both hands with her hand and kept my hand on her boobs along with her hands I stunned by touching her boobs and she said plzz press them hard play them hard don’t leave boobs until I orders u this is u r sex punishment I said ok sister I will do my best. She felt happy with my words .i started pressing her boobs with my hands on bra.
This story is in two parts.. Click on the page to go to that page directly
Page No
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