Saturday, 7 April 2012

Kiran is tricked by his sis into fucking her

Kiran Kumar Padhi once again from Orissa with a nice experience with my sister to tell all of you. After publishing the sex story i had no thought that my sister would be a viewer of My younger sister aged about 19, thin, fair, tall, short hairs upto shoulders whose are tied with a rubber band. She studied the matter from the web site . She, naughty girl made a plan to get fucked from me.

Yesterday night, my parents were out of station. My younger sister named Sapna got success over her plan. The plan is as follows:
Sapna: Bhaiya mujhe tumse kuch baat karna hai
Kiran: Kya hua
Sapna: I studied a story about you published in
Kiran: (I got frightened and than got hot hearing that from my sister) Why do you read such stories
Sapna: studied this but i had no idea that you also do so
Kiran: Than only you will enjoy yourselves sister
Sapna: Main waisa nehi karti
Kiran: Dekho kiran tum kyun ladki ho kar wo sab dekh ti ho

My sister remained silent.

Kiran: Tum agar ye baat ghar main batao ge to tum bhi gali khaoge
Sapna: To kya karoo
Kiran: Main ek baat kahta hoon
Kiran: Mujhe pata hai ki main jo chahta hoon tum bhi wo chahti hao
Sapna: Matlab
Kiran: Matlab yae hai ki main sex ke liye wo dekh ta hoon aur tum bhi uske liye wo site dekh te hao. Am I wrong?
Sapna: Chodo ye baat
Kiran: Kaise chode ye baat. Jo ki tum puche ho to uska koi to samadhan ho
Sapna:kaisa samadhan bhaiya
Kiran: Main jo chahta hoon tum wo chahti hao. To ye kyun hum dono main ghar main ho jaiyee
Sapna: ye galat hai
Kiran: kya galat
Sapna: Jab ghar main pata lagega to wo kya sochange
Kiran: Dekho tum 19 sal ki ho aur main 22 sal ka hoon. Aur hum dono ko wohi sex chahiea
Sapna: To ye do bhai bahan. Jab kisiko pata chalega to sab kya kahange
Kiran: Dekho ye baat kisiko bataiyee nehi jati
Sapna: Promise

I promised. Than i switched off the lights. I closed all the doors and windows. That was about 10.30p.m. at night. We became close to each other. I brought the scent and sprayed that over her short hairs. I went behind her . I started smelling her hairs.She was sulent. Than two hands of mine went through her hands to her breast over her salwar. Than i slowly opened her salwar. I opened her bra and paintie. I also became naket. I took SAPNA to the bed room. I switched on the lights. Her eyes were closed. She was breasthing too speedly. I said her"please open your eyes." But she didnot.I said her" look i am looking your secret parts and enjoying and why not you."Than she opened her eyes and both of us did the sex in right positions.Our sex happened that night about three times. After that night she stands before me in shame. Because she had lost her virginity from me. When we get chances we do it .

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