Saturday, 14 April 2012

Krishna & his sister have a loving time

Hi i am krishna from kerala, it was my first experience with my elder sister, we three sisters and me only,my father is no more,me and my mother and three sisters,1st and 2nd marreid,1st is 27, 2nd is 25 ,3rd is 23 .and i was 19 . i was very pet to all my sisters

they all play with me with out any hesitation, i also very close to them, we sleep togather, we play togather,thay are loving me too much, my first sister married and had 2 kidds secound married no kidds,her husband is my first sisters husbands brother thay boath in abroad. once in two years will come to india, ofter my 2nd sisters marriage thay lived two months only, she is alone staying their home and some time stay our home

it happend when 3rd sisters marrage night all my sisters very fair and good lucking to morrow morning marrage we all tired and want to sleep,at 12 pm every body is finding places to sleep , my secound sister told me i am going to my room for sleep,i tol yes we boath went to my bed and start sleeping ofter 30 min my tool got erect ,i dont know what is going my body,iwas imaging my sister her boobs her butts her thigh,so many times i tuch her she kissed me,i hug her, we wher sleeping i put my hands on her breasts,but now got defferent felling and gilty i slooly put my hand on her boobs i feel hot on her body ,i slooly moving my hand on boobs , i can feel she also got the sam feeling ,she told me to hot today ,i told yes she remove her sarry one side from her boobs , i just inert my finger in to the blouse with fear , she is not tolking any thing ,then i remove on hook from her blouse, now my half hand on her boobs it is going up and down ,she is breething deep breeth,then i started pressing slooly,she removed other two hooks also now only braw ,i press boath boobs, i lift the braw up now bare breasts on my hands, isquese nicely, she told me to press hard ,i press hord, she hug me and kissed me,now we boath hug with and and legs,she put her breasts to my mouth and told me to suck i sucked nicely,i remove her sarry up and start rubbing her thigh and ubdomen ,she hold my finger and told me to rub her pussy,i was rubing her pussy got wet and press my finger to hard, she put her hand on my loud ,she moved my lungi and put her finger in side my drawer i remove my drawer and gave her free,now she is playing mine i doing hers.she hold my loud and started rubbing in her pussy she told me to sit in between her thigh,i sat and told me to rub with mine to her pussy,i did ,she told me insert mine to her pussy,it went inside, her pussy started pumping,she put her legs above my butts and hold tightely,and lifting her butts up and down ,we boath wet with sweeting,finely i pour my semen to her pussy. she hold me tightly and kissed me tightly.

she told me dont tell any body,ofter one year i have a chance to fuck ,she was telling ofter her husband left she was interest to fuck with me i dont know how to tell me ,she told me she and her husband see blue filim togather and did alot ,now also will call sher and tald more about their sex life,he send audio cassets talkng about sex,

then i told one more time i want to fuck ,she agreed,she remove her sarry and we boath naked started next round she told me to lay on the bed ,she hold my loud moving up and down, she clean mine with her sarry,started sucking,ofter some time she came on me hold mine and insert her pussy start pumping up and down ofter some time she lay on bed and told me do pumping in to her pussy ,i fuck about 10 min,again i pour seman into her pussy, we slept ,and we got up.

next day other sisters marriage went well, in the night she told my mun her husband call will call her she want to go to her house,and told mother me want accumpany to her,she agreed ,we boathe went by bike, in the bike she hold me her boobs pressing to my back,some time i rub her thigh ,she told me 3rd sisters first night ,we also enjoy,and she is interested fucking,her husband showed all tchniks,now she want daily

once we reach home, the home is my first sisters,in one compound ,nobody is their,we went to bed room she change her sarry into nighty ,she changing sarry i hold breasts and kiss her sholder ,she told me wait i will make milk we i teach u every thing, she went kitchen to boil milk ,i change lingi and WENT near her ,in kitchen i kissed her she also kissed me,she put her tong into mouth ,i kissed her boob and bite then above nighty,she lane the kitchen table hold ME,i lift her nighty and kiss her stomak and breasts very hard,she also hold tightly,i remove her nightly.,i sat in front of her and kissed her pussy ,she lift her leg and rest on the stool near ,and show me full wiew of her pussy ,i kissed ,she hold my head press to the pussy and hug my head with her thighs. immiditly milk boiled.

we went to bed room, sat and on the bed ,drank milk , she hold loud and kissed. then she lay on the bed put a pillow under her butts, part her thighs two sides,told me to sit in bbetween the thighs ,told me kiss and suck,i was doig she left her butts up and down then she told me to do fuck i insert mine in to her wet pussy fuck hard, i ejaclate in to her.

the hole night we did 4 times morning we went our home, ofter that when ever we got time we fuck, she never say no, fucking own sister is little more affaction

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