Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kumar guides his cousin in loving him....

I am kumar from coimbature ,i was 20 that time ,that was my fist expierence with my sister ,sister meens she in my fother brothers daugherr ,boath opposite house in willage my father and her father are formers, in my home me and my elder sister she married her family she and elder sister and elder brother ,boath married thay are living sepratly my mother & father her father and mother will go to field in the morning and come in the evening, we boath alone in the home

there is one entrance for boathe house coumpound,no one cant come some one open the frond door .my sister is not going to school she stoped ofter 10th ,i joint the college in the near town,evening i will bring weekly and sweets to her she also to much affection on me,she use to come to my room reat weekly pl with me ,but she is always silent my parents also like her one day we boath at my home ,my parents and her parents went for a marrage she is 19 and slim body ,her buttaks and boobs are little biger in size,when ever she come to my room i will see them she know she never look differents.that day she came and stand near me i was reading a weekly looking the book, i was little nerves and she also same

i told her to come near and read the book ,she little moved stand their,again i calld near she little shy, now i know she also sam feeling ,i hold her hand and pull her near to me she came near ,she rest her hand knees on the table and seeing book, her breasts are near my left hand i hold her right arm i pull little more she moved ,and her butts tuching my left sholder,i slooly tuch her breasts ,she coled her eyes w her hand standing sam possision then i put my hand on her buttes,and srtart rubbing,and moved down to her back thighs i placed my hand slooly in between thighs ,she fist tightly hold my hand ,and she gave little gape, irub her pussy with my fingers,and with my right hand i hold her breasts and press. she sat on my lap i pressing her brests and lift her dress up rubbing her pussy.

i kissed her face she also gave a kiss by clossing her eyes i hold his hand and tuch my loud ,fist she refused then she hold i told ,i told to mastrubut .she slooly start up and down .suddnly she stoped and went to the gate see wether it is closed or not ,again she came to me ,we boath slept on my bed we boath heg kiss i press her boobs and her pussy.she also hold my loud ,i left her dress i tried to penetrate my loud she tols no ,she refused i beg her to mastrubution,finely she did then ofter she will come and we are doing like that no fucking,ofter 6 month she got married as per the willage habit .she went to town .

her husband is working in a spinning mill. one day my mother send some food items to her i went was in the evening. she told me go tomorrow morning .i stayed at 9 pm her husband went for night duty . she put a blanket and pillow for me i started sleepin her husband told sleep well he will come morning.he went . she finished her work. and put light off and she came to me and told brother now u can do what ever u want and hold hand istarted ,kissing ,and remove her sarry and we boath naked ,she told her husband only left her sarry and fuck ,i fuck her she cooprate to me to fuck, ofter 1st fuck i put light we fuck 3 times in the night .then ofter i will uswally go her home her husbands absence still doing .

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