Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kumar screws his divorced aunt

my name is kumar,age is 30 now, i am from kerala it hapend when i was 20years, at that time i was in bombay , i complet my ITI and working in a factory,as a fabricator at that time my supervisor resign and went Gulf,i be come the supervisor, the home also belong to him,he gave me,i am alone cooking,some time will go to hotel. i have to go outside work also,some time take one week.

In my house my parents and a sister only,my mothers sister was divorsed and she is in the home with my grand father and grand mother,ofter marrage she met a accdent she cant walk properly thats why she seprated, she is good looking,nice ,I WENT to see her , she told me can i come to bombay and iwill cook for u,hear i am feeling loonly she 30 years, i told yes,next holiday i will come and take u to bombay , i told my mom she is not happy,my grand parents are happy ofter one wwek i talked in the phone, to mothers sister, munt is happy, nobody in the home i am alone ,her tone is very sexy, once i come to bombay i will do what ever you want. ofter my marrage is sex life is only 4 days, past 6 years i am dreeming only. nobody is going to marry me, i will stay till your marrage, ofter that once in two days we talk a lot regarding bombay life ,and my home in bombay is one hall half kitchen and toilet. the hall one bed we have to shair ,she agreed.

next month i went native and we boath traveling to bombay by train. the travel was very intresting i never mingled any girls are traveled. my aunt is very attach to me if she want to go to toilet she will tell me to help her .so many time she hold me tuching her boob to my body we reach their in bombay ,we togather do things, sleep in the night togather,i help her to walk in the steeps she hold my sholder and slooly walk her boobs tuch my sholder IN the night i put my leg on her thigh,i put my hands on her she had any objection.

It happend, one day we boath went the beach and sit near a wall ,watching the people , now her feeling and her action is different,she can see people huging kissing rubbing etc, now she put her hand my thigh and see me i was silent she ask me are you like the people doing i was also silent. i was sitting lift my knees up she also like that,suddenly she put her mouth in my knee and started kiss and she bite me . then i put my hand her sholder and started rubbing ,with out seeing me she hold my hand and placed her breasts ,covered with saree, i started message ,she took my left hand also placed her left boobs ,i started pressing boath boobs from her back.

I slooly moved my hand her belly and came down to her pussy and started cressing, now she was shevering,and gave a nice kiss ,we did along ting kissing huging rubbing like the other people doing now time late, we decided to go home,on the way we went to shop and she want nighty ,braw , razer ,and all her personal needs,we reached home, my was frend waiting for me, we all have food and me and my frend went to hospital to see his mother,

At 12 pm i came to home by the time she my aunt is sleeping ,i went the bed sat near her i put my hand on her stomach ,she awak up and hold my hand kiss my hand i sleep near her rest my lfft hand on bed and put my right hand on her boobs and start pressing, she told me she is happy now, ilift her nighty up rub her bair body pressing boobs,she hod my head down and started kissing,i moved my hand towards her pussy ,it was wet and woosing,she parted her legs gave signel to rub more and more i remove my lungi ,and hug her ,with my bare body , she for got i am her son and she is my moms sister,she hug me with her legs,my luad is between her thigh, i rub my tool on her pussy, i gon up and try to insert my tool to her pussy,she refused ,no no only kissing and huging enef i told no no i want one time do fucking, she told finaly you and me mom and som we should not do fucking ,because of my loonly ness and sex desire i follen on u, i silent for some time to seeing her , she also silent seeing me,

Little while she hug me and told me in the native place i told you i can do what ever you want i will do ,so you can fuck me now, immisitly i remove her nighty and hug her , kiss her very tightly she also did same mood,we boath out of coundrol ,i suck her booobs and press them she also hold my loud and shak up and wown, she lay down on her back she parted her thighs and she invited me to fuck her, i press my loud to her pussy it went inside she hug with her thighs and put her legs on my back and press me down i pumped her hard ,she is making noise. after some time i ejaculate my flued to her pussy. then boath hug for awhile and she was happy.and we sleept in the same night we did 3 times ,morning she is not acting any thig happend last night she is doing as use well ,only she will allow me to fuck in the night ,

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