Monday, 16 April 2012

Massaging My Way Into My Mom's Pants part 2

This is two part story pls click on the part you want to read
1. Part1
2.Part 2
“hmm, poor kid must be having a wet dream about some girl he likes. I don’t wanna embarrass him, I’ll just pretend like I was asleep the whole time.”

She went to sleep with her back facing me; she left my hands on her breasts and continued to let me squeeze them.

The next morning I woke up and found a note on the fridge. It read

“hey honey I gotta go to school to help close the school for summer vacation, after I’m going to go to the gym like always, there’s pizza in the fridge. I’ll be home around 8 love Mom.”

I ran through the events of last night, it was the greatest night of my life. The best thing wasn’t how I got to touch my Mom wherever I wanted; it was that she didn’t stop me. Either she was just really trusting, or deep down she wanted it too. I wanted to test my theory. When she got home I would convince her to let me give her a long full body massage and see if I could get her hot.

I spent the rest of the day watching tv, eating and doing some chores but all I could think of was having sex with my Mom. I didn’t want to masturbate because I wanted to save it in case my Mom was down for sex. The day went agonizingly slow as I was counting down the hours before my Mom came home. The door finally opened at about 8:30 as my Mom came home.

“Mom you’ve had a really long day let me give you a massage.” I said before realizing that this sounded really desperate.

“Uhmm okay honey.” She said, much more cautiously than yesterday

I tried calming myself down a bit but then this slipped out “Mom you don’t have to wear anything, just come into the room naked it would be easier for me to operate.”

“David that is inappropriate.” She said in a very stern voice “I’m starting to think that you are getting a little too excited about this massage business, forget the massage I will be fine.”

“NO, no please Mom, let me give you a massage.” I said desperately before I finally gathered myself “sorry I just thought that it might be more comfortable for you. Wear whatever you want but I feel like I should massage you because you do so much for me, I owe it to you.”

This softened her up “okay honey, I’m gonna grab a shower I will be right there.”

After about 15 minutes she entered the room with her robe on. I wanted to ask her if she had underwear on underneath but I quickly thought better of it.

“Ok lie down Mom, I am going to give you a long massage, I need to do your legs too because you run so much, I don’t want you getting cramps.”

“Uhm ok, but your not allowed to go any higher than my quads.” She said sternly

She lied down and I once again rolled her robe down to her waist.

“Fuck” I whispered to myself as I her wearing a very conservative bra.

I massaged her shoulders for a while to get her relaxed before I asked

“Mom your bra is really getting in the way do you mind if unhook the straps?”

“Sure honey.” She said in a dream like way, my massage was really lowering her defenses. I unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor. This brought her back to her senses and she asked

“Why did you take it all off I thought only the straps were getting in your way?”

“Uhmm, I don’t know what I was thinking mom, but let’s just leave it there I don’t really feel like getting up to get it right now.”

She didn’t say anything, I took this as a yea and continued. Now I started massaging her feet and slowly working my way up. I rapidly moved past her calves, slid her robe up and promptly started massaging her toned upper leg. I took her robe off completely now and tossed it aside. She once again said nothing. This time she wasn’t wearing her granny underwear, she was wearing a sexy little black thong that was almost entirely sunk in her beautiful ass. I couldn’t help myself I started heavily massaging her baby-smooth ass cheeks.

“No not there honey.” She said dreamily, not in the stern tone as before.

I listened to her; I moved up her body once again and started stroking the small of her back. This made her purr. I took my shirt off and pressed my athletic body gently on top of hers. I waved my nose through her voluptuous hair and I moved my lips down and started softly kissing her neck. She purred again. We both now knew that this was no longer a massage. I kissed her down her back until I got to her ass. I kissed each cheek then went fishing for her thong string. I corralled it with my mouth and tore it off. I started licking her anal, she moaned just like she did the night before. This time she knew that she wasn’t imagining it.

“Oh david. Keep Going.” She moaned.

I left her ass and went back to kissing her neck. She turned around and I started kissing her throat and worked my way up to her lips. After softly kissing her lips she opened them and we started passionately kissing. While kissing her I started circling her beautiful nipples with my fingers making them even harder. I moved my mouth on to her right nipple and I moved my hand down to her wet pussy and starting slowly fingering it. With my other hand I found her ass hole and circled it gently. I knew that this would get any woman wet. My Mom was no exception. She moaned

“ohhhh Davie, Daaaaavieeee.”

I freed my hand momentarily to slip my pants off to expose my nice 7 inch cock.

“Oh yes fuck me david, I haven’t been fucked in sooo long.” She moaned

Hearing my Mom say this sent me into a lustful frenzy, but then a thought occurred.

“But Mom we don’t have any condoms.”

“DAVID FUCK ME!!” she screamed “I have some morning after pills that I will tomorrow. SO FUCK ME PLEEEEAAASE!!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice I started slowly pumping my dick in and out of her pussy. It was so tight and warm, this must be how being on ecstasy feels like. I moved my mouth from her breast to her mouth and we once again started passionately making out. I continued to circle her anus with one of my hands and I started squeezing her left breast with my other.

“oooooooooooh that feels so gooooood!”

I started to fuck her faster and faster until I pushed her over the top.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH DAVIE.” She screamed as her juices flowed freely from her vagina. “even your father never made me cum like that.” She said as she lied down beside me. She noticed my erect penis.

“OHHH I’m sorry honey, I didn’t wait for you. Well I know how to make up for it, get up.”

I did as I was told and got up, my 7 inch dick was still hard. She bent got down on her knees in front of me. I knew what was coming and boy was I ecstatic. She kissed the head of my dick with her lips and started enveloping my penis into her mouth. I looked at her beautiful blue eyes which were looking up at me. They had changed from wholesome and innocent to sexy and lustful; she wanted my body as much as I wanted hers. Oh it felt so good, her warm mouth on my penis. I only wish it lasted longer. I soon blew up in my mom’s mouth.

“Shit sorry Mom”

“mmhh no problem honey.” She said as she gladly swallowed all of my cum.

“That didn’t last long did it.” She said

“I think I still owe you.” She got down in front of me on all fours. “Whenever you’re ready Sweetheart.”

I had to take some time to recover but the sight right in front of me sure did speed things up. I was looking directly at my Mom’s ass which she was trying her best to push out as far as possible. Looking at her god like ass in this position made me almost instantly hard again. My Mom looked so hot on all fours that I had to admire her beauty in awe before I could fuck her. But fuck her I did. I moved my hard dick into her pussy. This time felt even better than before because her luscious ass cheeks were cushioning my every blow to her pussy. I slid my hands down to her stomach and slid them up to her breasts. I grabbed them hard for leverage. My Mom winced in pain. This wasn’t as pleasure filled as the first position for her but she felt like she owed me for making her cum. I took the favor gladly. I pounded her faster and faster, her breasts were rocking like crazy. But they weren’t going anywhere because I was gripping them so tightly. They were so big and soft and malleable, I couldn’t believe that they were so naturally perky. I fucked her for much longer than the first time, it seemed like forever before I finally exploded in her pussy, but boy did I ever cum. My mom collapsed and I fell right on top of her.

“ohhhh your amazing honey.” She whispered, she was clearly tired.

“thanks mom, so does this mean we can do this every night.”

“oh baby, all night and all day. Who needs the gym when you can get workouts like this right at home.”

We both laughed

“Mom, then you are going to need A LOT more morning after pills eh”

We laughed again

“yeahhh” she said dreamily

And before I knew it my dick was slowly sliding into her pussy again.

This is two part story pls click on the part you want to read
1. Part1
2.Part 2


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  2. is there a part 3 to this story