Monday, 16 April 2012

Mommy's Hidden Lust Part 4

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Jimmy grinned. He hopped off the bed and walked into his bathroom, looking for a jar of Vaseline. Nancy returned to her doggy style position on the bed, planting her knees into the mattress and pointing her ass in the air.

A few moments later, Jimmy came walking back into the room. His hard cock, smeared with petroleum jelly, jutted out in front of him. He climbed onto the bed and got into position behind his mother.

"Remember, honey, go in easy."

Nodding, Jimmy lined his cock up with his mother's pink asshole. He held onto her hips and slowly pushed the head of his cock inside her.

"Ohhhh!" they moaned in unison.

Nancy squeezed the sheets on the bed, pushing away the slight pain she felt. It only hurt for a minute, then she began to enjoy it.

Jimmy began sliding his cock deeper up her ass.

"Oh, fuck! You're so tight!"

They both groaned as Jimmy pushed himself in the rest of the way, shoving his cock in as deep as he could get it. They sat still for a few moments, both of them getting used to the feeling.

"God, Mom, I never would have thought that you take it up the ass."

Nancy couldn't respond. She was too fixated on the way her ass muscles were squeezing and contracting around the cock that had invaded her.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, baby."

Jimmy grabbed her hips and started fucking.

"Unnhhh!" Nancy groaned.

Going at a solid pace, Jimmy could feel his balls slapping against his mother's pussy. He looked down at the action, gazing at the unbelievable sight of his cock sliding in and out of her asshole.

"Oooh, yeah! I'm fucking your ass, Mom!"

Nancy let out deep grunts with every thrust Jimmy made.

"Tell me how much you like it."

"Ohhhhh! Honey, it's so good!"

"I wish Dad would come down here, so he could see my dick up your tight ass!"

Nancy wanted to tell him not to say such things about his father, but she only groaned in response. Jimmy continued pounding her ass for another minute or so before slowly coming to a stop.

"Roll over, Mom."

"Wh... what? Why?"

"I wanna see you while we fuck."

As requested, Nancy rolled over onto her back. Jimmy reached up and took a squeeze of her breasts, then grabbed her legs and pushed them towards her body to raise her hips up.


Groaning, Nancy looked down as Jimmy popped his cock back inside her asshole. He quickly began fucking her again, watching her tits bounce from the thrusts.

"Do you take it up the ass, Mom? Tell me."

"Yes, honey! Mommy takes it up the ass!"

Jimmy grunted as he bore down, fucking harder. He reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them, holding them for balance.

"Ooooh, your cock feels so big, Jimmy. So big in Mommy's ass!"

Nancy knew what he liked to hear, and Jimmy could feel his balls tightening up. He knew it wouldn't be much longer. He focused on his mother's pretty face as she moaned with enjoyment.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna... oohhh! Ohhhhhh!!!"

Jimmy pulled out of her ass and scooted forward on the bed. He jerked himself fiercely as thick shots of his cum began spurting onto his mother's stomach. Nancy watched as the ropes of cum sprayed out, a few reaching up as far as her chest. Jimmy groaned and kept milking his cock as the remaining shots dribbled onto her.

"Oh, God!"

Jimmy fell forward onto the bed beside her. The two laid next to each other, both trying to catch their breath.

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, baby."

Nancy sighed as she rested there, feeling the warmth of her son's cum on her toned stomach. The intense ass-fucking had gotten her horny again. She wanted to get off one last time, but her feelings of guilt began creeping back into her mind. She couldn't fuck him again, she just couldn't.

Mustering up all of her willpower, Nancy sat up on the edge of the bed. She was getting up, denying herself any more pleasure. She wanted to walk right out of the room, but she reeked of sex and was sticky with cum, both inside and out. There was no way she could climb into bed with her husband in such a condition.

"I need to take a shower," she told Jimmy.

Nancy stood up and used her hand to wipe up some of the cum that was running down her torso. She picked up her nightgown from the floor and walked into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, the water began running. Still laying on his bed, Jimmy turned things over in his head. It still seemed so amazing, having a sexual relationship with his mother. He wished she was more comfortable with it, because he certainly was. He loved fucking her.

As he listened to the water, Jimmy began to picture his mom in the shower. He imagined her wet, naked body as the water streamed down. He could see the beads of water forming on her breasts and rolling off her ass. Suddenly, Jimmy had an idea. He took his cock into his hand and began stroking it, trying to get hard again before his mother came back.

After several minutes under the hot water, Nancy stepped out of the shower. While she dried herself off, she thought about what she would say to Jimmy. She usually swore that they could never have sex again, but her words were clearly meaningless. Still, she had to say something. She couldn't let Jimmy think that they could fuck anytime he wanted.

Nancy opened the door and walked into Jimmy's room. She barely took two steps before her son stepped out from beside the door and pulled her into a kiss.

"Mmmmphh!" she moaned with surprise.

Despite her surprise, Nancy returned the kiss. After a moment, she pulled back. A quick glance down at Jimmy's hard cock tipped her off to what he had in mind.

"Jimmy, no, we..."

Jimmy put his hands on his mother's face and pulled her into another kiss. Nancy felt his tongue pushing at her lips, and she opened her mouth enough to let it slide in. Their tongues rolled around for a few seconds before Nancy broke the embrace.

"Come on, Mom. I want to make you cum again."

"But honey, I just..."

Nancy trailed off. She didn't know what to say to talk him out of it. Besides, she wasn't sure that she wanted to. She wanted to cum again. If he wanted to help her, why fight it?

Jimmy lifted her up and set her down on the edge of the desk in his room. Nancy kissed him again, their tongues mashing around, as Jimmy lifted her nightgown up over her head.

"Do you want to get fucked again?"


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