Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mom's a bomb 2

You must have read in Part-I how my mom was sexually frustrated and how I tried to secretly take advantage of it by giving her a sleeping doze and stripping her fully through the night and fucking her without her knowing anything about it at least till morning. In the morning she came back to her senses while we were both fully naked with my dick in her cunt. I hadn’t imagined she would come back to senses so early. Perhaps the doze I had bought with my little money was not enough to last till later in the morning. I got nervous and I simply ran to my room with my own clothes.

Now let me tell you what happened next. It must have been quite obvious to my mom when she saw herself fully naked with all her clothes scattered around; that it could be no one other than me who could do this coz there was no one else in the house. I didn’t know what was going to happen now. I just went to bed and acted as if I had slept all through the night. As usual she went for her bath, came to wake me up for breakfast, and went into the kitchen to prepare the breakfast without saying a word.

I felt very guilty whether she was not talking to me because she was angry after realizing what happened last night. I decided not to confess anything unless she asks. Quietly I had my breakfast and went to college. When I came back home in the noon mom was sitting in the hall watching TV. She was wearing her night gown, a satin lavender one with the overcoat. But even the overcoat was so thin that the lingerie and her undergarments below were quite visible through it. She welcomed me with a warm smile. That made me feel a little better. But I was still being suspicious if there was going to be something bitter following her warm smile.

She gave me lunch and as usual went to sleep again. The fact that she didn’t express anything about last night’s experience was really making me feel uneasy. Still my desire for her did not die. Even in the short time that she slept in the noon made me want to go and watch her again. I tip-toed to her room once again to check if she was awake or asleep. Typical of her, she was in deep sleep again. This time she was wearing the night gown, another new experience for me. And as I had mentioned in the earlier story, she wore the overcoat only outside her bedroom.

Inside the bedroom she took off the overcoat staying in the lingerie that covered her only from the boobs till the knees, which was hanging on the shoulders on two thin straps. I wanted to strip her again although this was not the right time since she wakes up in one or two hour’s time, plus I had no more of that chemical powder to put her to sleep. I guess I had to wait till nightfall. Although I couldn’t do anything right now, I just stayed there watching her. Her heavy tits caught my attention as they were heaving up and down with each breath alongwith the abdomen.

Her knees rose from the bed making the lower end of the lingerie rise up to her hips. I saw her beautiful purple panty getting wet; so either she knew I was there with her or she was fantasizing. I tried checking if she was awake by putting my finger directly on the panty and pushing it lightly. She didn’t react. I dug my finger deeper into her pussy, she still did not react. So I pushed the lower end of the lingerie further up to get a full view of her panty. This was getting more and more interesting since she was such a deep sleeper. On the other hand I pulled the straps of the lingerie off her shoulders and pulled it down for another good view of her ripe fruits wrapped in the black bra. Despite the inappropriate timing; greed and lust made me continue stripping her at the risk of my life. Since she had not been reacting to my touching her so many times I carefully held the waistband of her purple panty and with extreme caution managed to slide it all the way down and off her silky legs. Then I saw her move. I felt she was going to wake up so I ran back to my room.

I was dead right. She got up, went to the kitchen, made us both some tea and called me to the hall to drink it. I went with a very innocent face as if I wasn’t aware of anything. I was surprised to see that she had not worn the overcoat which she always did when she stepped out of the bedroom. Mom even seemed to have come out of her bedroom exactly the way I had left her. I observed through her nearly see-thru lingerie that the panty was not on. Well, she was not exactly the way I had left her; there was a further change which I was not responsible for.

I am damn sure I had not removed her bra but that was also not on her now! I was shocked beyond my imagination to see mom like this in the hall. She walked up to me, handed me my cup of tea and headed back for the kitchen with her cup for some extra sugar. Few steps ahead and her tea spilled all over her lingerie. She screamed loudly. Perhaps the piping hot tea may have burnt her skin on the front side. She quickly pulled the lingerie over her head, dropped it to the floor and ran to the kitchen. Her back was towards me when she took off the lingerie so I only saw her naked ass from behind.

I wished to help her but since she was naked I thought she might get angry of how I dared to confront her in that state. Then she only screamed out to me, “Vasco!!! Won’t you help your mother in times of need, you lazy ass?” I quickly put away my tea and ran to the kitchen to help her. I saw her full naked body standing up close to me (my dream come true) but I guessed the rest of my desire to actually have sex with her was to remain a fantasy. However, I pulled out some ice to cool the burnt skin. I scanned her whole front side there was no burn marks anywhere.

Mom stood there in front of me with her eyes closed and head turned upwards, not crying in pain or saying anything at all. I just placed some of the ice on her breast. Her body was so hot it melted immediately trickling all the way down to her pussy. Then she murmured “Mmmmm, fells nice. Do it all over the body”. Now I was feeling embarrassed to do these things when she is fully conscious. I asked her “But mom where are the burns?”

Mom held my hand with ice and led it to her pussy. She made me push the ice onto her cunt. She slapped me in the face and asked, “Do you think I’m so stupid? We both have the same desire so why hold it back? All this time you’ve been doing to me alone secretly. Now let us both do it together”. I understood that she was planning for this moment as much as I did. Things couldn’t get better. We had finally achieved our goal. She was demonstrating her nude self in front of me in the most seductive styles equivalent to any professional strip-tease dancer; swaying and bending and twisting all her parts to reveal the deepest secrets of her love den.

After watching her demonstration for some time I got tired of her childish expressions. I put a halt to that eccentric act of hers which was obviously the result of her sexual frustrations for so many years. I held her against the wall tightly enough to disable her from any more movement, bundled her whole body in my muscular arms, took her to her bedroom and threw her in the bed. She stared at me completely surprised with what a strong powerful young man her son had grown into. She felt confident that I have the potential to satisfy and fulfil all her fantasies in future.

I sat on her belly allowing her the privilege of stripping me this time. She pulled off my t-shirt, kissed my masculine chest, rolling her tongue down my abdomen till her tongue brushed against the hairy undergrowth rising from beneath my jeans and underwear. She opened the button of my jeans, unzipping it to see the enormous dick saluting a tribute to the breaking rules of relationship between mother and son. She warned me never to call her as “mom” in future at least when we were alone. She gave me options to call her anything like bitch, sweetheart, darling, pussycat or any other such things. I was not interested in hearing anything more from her. I just wanted to get down to the act. I took a heavy sticky tape and wrapped it around her mouth several times until it made it impossible for the slightest sound to come out of her mouth even if she screamed to the top. The bitch removed my jeans and the underwear at last.

My dick was so relieved; I slapped her in the face with the full-hardened dick. Bitch was struggling to get a mouthful of the dangling dick forgetting that she couldn’t do that with the tape on her mouth. I removed the tape and teased her by swinging it more as she tried to bite on it. Finally I held her mouth, spread it wide open and shoved the whole dick into it along with the balls. Bitch swallowed up whatever loads of cum flowed out of the dick as if she was starving for it. While she did that I turned my mouth to her pussy. In the 69 position we sucked like hungry animals on each other’s organs. The juices flowing out from either’s organs were very nourishing to the soul like nectar fed to the dying. I was biting and chewing the pussy and the ass while the hands got busy squeezing her large spongy boobs. In between I twisted and pinched her nipples hard. Then I turned over again face-to-face with her.

I went to the kitchen and got some spare pieces of metal wire that was lying in a corner. Got back to the room and tied both her hands and feet to the bed. Once again wrapped her mouth in tape several times to make it impossible for her to make any sound whatsoever, then warned her to be prepared for the most torturous sexual experience she has had in her whole life. She looked very scared in her eyes. Seeing her large tits my cum was oozing endlessly. But her mouth was sealed so she couldn’t drink it anymore. So I spread it all over her body to use it as a slippery lubricant as I rubbed my body over her hot one. I rubbed and rubbed my dick hard against her belly and between the boobs and also over the face. She was wanting to hungrily eat my dick and begged me with gestures to open the tape. Finally I agreed and opened the tape. As soon as I opened the tape she screamed loudly “You mother fucking bastard! How can you be so selfish? You’re not the only hungry animal here, you know? You can keep my hands and feet tied and rape me all you want but let me eat your dick. Come on! Give it to me you sex freak, and give it now”.

I slapped her even harder this time on her face and then put the whole dick in her mouth. Revengefully she bit so hard on my dick that part of the flesh came apart. I made her realize it was pay back time. Her hands and feet were tied anyway, paralysing her. Mercilessly I pushed my full hand into her cunt and dug it in so deep that I could feel all the other parts inside. I wriggled my hand inside for while then slowly pulled it partly out. Then placed the fingers of the other hand also near the pussy, got a strong hold of her lower lips in my claws, and with the strength of both hands tore her cunt apart as far as I could. She screamed to the top. I told her that I knew she would scream so loudly in pain. But the only reason why I didn’t prevent her mouth by putting back the tape is because I wanted all the neighbours to know what a big bitch my mother was. She was so angry but couldn’t do anything at all.

I enjoyed watching her in that helpless position. She knew she had to calm down to control the situation. She closed her eyes and gave me the liberty to take full freedom to rape her body. I didn’t really want to rape her. I just did all this to make her my slave. She had to know that men always like to be more powerful. Then she became completely vulnerable to all my needs and actions. When I touched her pussy she pushed it up closer to me and co-operated in the movements as I started to enter my dick into her cunt finally. Later our rapport was excellent we carried on fucking non-stop with rapid increase in speed and temperatures. The whole room felt like it was on fire. Later I united her hands and feet and gave her the opportunity to rape me if she wished to. She was very kind.

Very sweetly she told me how proud she felt of my manly behaviour. She didn’t feel anything rude about it at all. On the contrary she said that this is the kind of man she had wanted in life to which my father was totally the opposite. She begged me to satisfy her needs in the same way on all the days that dad wasn’t home. I promised and soon we had a baby of our own which dad my still thinks is his baby. It turned out to be a daughter. This still didn’t stop mom and me from burning ourselves in the fire of love.

To top it all I waited patiently for 18 years till our daughter, Maria, had developed into a sex bomb too. Right from Maria’s childhood I had been stroking her in the pussy to get her used to allowing objects to enter it and enjoy the feeling or rather getting frustrated if it didn’t happen. This made her a die-hard sex maniac. Her boobs were also well attended to by my strong hands from all the years to finally have her bearing the mightiest juicy balls for a girl of her age. I had her virginity when she was 16. Today Maria is 20 and capable of handling 5 men at the same time in bed. She’s the hottest porn star in her college. All the guys there take me for a Godfather.

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