Saturday, 14 April 2012

Neha is more than just a farm girl

Hey people this is Pranjal again with his latest yet one of the most wonderful experience. This is of that time we had diwali holidays in the month of October. I was getting extremely bored lying in my house without any company. So my mom insisted that why don’t I go to my uncle’s farmhouse in west Bengal near Calcutta for about a week or so. She also told about my cousin who lives there. I didn’t know that I had a cousin at that part of country.

I loved that idea and accepted it with pleasure. Now I was in Calcutta and my uncle was supposed to pick me up from the station. He came in his car and with my surprise along with him came a goddamn beauty. He introduced me to her. Her name was Neha. God!! She was my cousin; I didn’t know that my cousin was female as I forgot to ask about it to my mother. Within a minute of watching her, my tool responded by getting monstrous without warning. I was wearing a pajama as the journey was long and hence my erection could be seen easily without any problem. Ohh man!! Shit! She noticed that, but just passed a smile and got into the car.

Thank god uncle was in the car at that time and he didn’t noticed my naughty tool. I also got into the car but sat down uncomfortably due to this fucking cock. In the way uncle stopped the car to buy some fruits then suddenly Parvati asked me “ what caused it…” I could not open my mouth to answer her question but just blushed and turned my face opposite to hers. She just giggled a little and then stopped as uncle came near to the car. Sitting in the car he said “our banana consumption is considerably large, I wonder who eats so much of bananas.” But Neha spoke in between and insisted for dinner at a restaurant.

After the dinner we straight went to the farm, which was around 50 kms away. All the way long she was sleeping on my shoulders, again making me horny. Again my naughty part aroused making a bigger bulk then the last time. I tried my level best to control it but darn! Nothing could control it in this world. I was thanking god that at this time she is sleeping and not able to observe my erection when suddenly, a fucking speed breaker came and made her fell down on my lap facing her mouth downwards. She got up with a flash watching my bulk with wide-open eyes. She just moved away from me and started laughing like a crazy drunk. Uncle asked her for the reason for such a laugh but she just said that I cracked a funny joke. He said that it is good that we are enjoying each other’s company. I was even scared to show my face to her when we reached at our house. It was a big farmhouse with many animals like horses, cows, sheep etc. at the end of the land there was a place where they kept their horses.

Their house was also very big and looked like one of those haunted houses, which is shown in movies. Neha showed me the room in which I had to stay. It looked very cozy. She asked me to take bath and get fresh. Before going she whispered me in my ears “let it sense freedom!!” goddamn fucking bitch!! I went mad and felt like, like … I can’t explain the feelings that were flowing in my horny mind at that time. I got the signal that she is also like me (a sex maniac)!! After bathing I went down stairs and spent some time with uncle chatting about my family. Parvati was also sitting there. We continued to chat till 11:30pm when uncle felt sleepy. So we ended our discussion and moved towards our room for sleeping. I went to my room and locked the door, as I wanted to masturbate thinking of Neha. I sat on the bed and slowly opened my clothes. I was in underwear with my tool in full mood. It was as if that it would tear my underwear and get out. I was about to open my underwear when suddenly I heard “got you!! Haha!! I was out of this world when I saw Neha in my cupboard hiding from me. I could see her erect nipples through her skintight shirt.

She just came to me and squashed my erect tool. Aahhhhh!! “You fucking bitch!!!” I shouted on her without thinking that she was my own sis. She started staring me with an evil grin again and after a few seconds she said, “I love thinking about what would happen if I tell papa that you told me a fucking bitch.” I dropped my mouth open on hearing this. But on watching this she said that I would have to do one thing to stop her. “You will have to walk nude with me till that horse stable.” I tried to resist but I had no choice and had to accept her deal. I hardly said yes when she tore my underwear open. My tool at its peak of 9 inches was glaring at her erect nipples. She was also amazed on watching my better half in full mood. “My friends would love eating it!!!”

She hesitantly took it in her hands and started rubbing it with her nails. “Aha ahaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I cummed within a minute and spoiled the carpet. She stared me with an angry face “done so soon, and how dare you spoil our carpet!! I should hurry up and finish the deal or you’ll ruin the whole room,” she ordered me to get out of the room and walk strait to the stable. I pulled her and said, “ Aren’t you forgetting something… well let me remind you, you said we’ll walk nude not me alone. She responded with a smile and said “with pleasure!!” and with the speed of light she started opening her clothes. I couldn’t decide at which part I should stare. It was like that the whole sex goddess was getting nude before me. My dick was getting out of its limit and was paining hard because of such a big erection.

I kept staring at her heavenly body with those big milky boobs and firm butts. She poked out of the room to insure that nobody is out to kick our ass. Then she pulled me out of the room and kicked me out of the room. And then we started out our nude journey to the stable. Cautiously, without making any sound we moved out of the house. It was cold out there and hence I started shivering. “Don’t worry and calm down. I am here to keep you warm.” Saying this she just ran towards me and hugged me so hard that I could even feel her pubic hairs on me. We hugged each other for …I think 2 minutes until she preceded her lips towards mine and gave a sensual heavenly kiss. She suddenly pushed me hard making me to fall on the ground. I got up and ran towards her to take my revenge but she started running here and there. At last I got her by jumping on her like a hungry dog jumping for a piece of bread. I started kissing her from up to down not realizing that I was in a wide-open ground. “What’s the hurry you fucker, we have the whole night with us!!” she complained. “Its my warm up you bitch!” I replied with a grin on my face. “Then I think that we should move to a better place as my friends are having fun watching us in act.” She said while pointing her finger towards her neighbor’s house where some girls were already standing and giggling watching us. “You fucking whore!!! You knew that they were watching us and still didn’t tell me.” I shouted on her angrily. “If I would have told you then my promise would have broken.

I promised them that I would show them a 9inch cock for real as they had given me a dare, if you are feeling too bad you may go back inside but else you may have fun of your life time with me.” She confessed. There was no way of going inside hence I replied,” If that’s the case, I’ll choose the second choice.” I just finished saying this when she pulled me with my dick in her hand towards the stable and after getting inside she locked the door for some privacy. There were at least 5 horses in there. She suddenly pushed me upon a heap of dry grass and jumped over me. Even today I can remember that scene, as she was jumping over me her boobs were like, two big gas balloons flying. She was over me and her soft skin and lumpy juicy boobs over my belly. She started biting my lips with hers passionately and took my rock hard shaft in her hands and started pumping it up and down vigorously. It was as if she was going to pull it out from its place. I started shouting with pain, joy and ecstasy.”Aaaaahhhhh, you horny bitch, ahhhhhhhh mmmmhhaaaaahhhhhhh. God!!!! Aaaahhhhh cccchhhhhhhhhch!!” I stretched my hand towards her boobs and compressed them with my both hands. Now both of us started screaming with joy and turned red hot.

Her expressions are worth describing- eyes tightly closed, teeth’s biting the lips, and the face turned red with pleasure. Ah! Can’t explain more then this. Then I started kissing her from her head and went till her toe licking every single inch of her heavenly body. Then she did the same but stopped at my cock and locked her mouth over it. I pulled her with her hairs and asked “I think you like cocks very much, so would like to feel it inside you?” I could see her face lightened with pleasure. “ I thought you would never ask it!” she confessed. I got up and adjusted my cock for the upcoming event. Neha did same but in place of cock she adjusted her cunt by putting her middle finger in her hole and making it ready for my monster. “Hey, it seems that you are not a virgin as your finger is going so deep in your cunt. Who fucked you last?” I asked with amazement. “Who fucked me last? We had group sex last time and hence I was fucked by six boys of my class hence I don’t know who fucked me last.” She replied with a smile. “Those six and you alone. What a scene!!” I said. “I was with my 3 other friend, stupid!! Four girls and six boys, that was the scene.” She explained. “And you know what, I earned 1200 Rs. for It.” She continued. “You are a whore, you bitch,” I said. “So, what’s bad in that? Because of that I saved so much money of my father.

Secondly I had so much pleasure that I had never experienced in my whole fucking life. And if you don’t want to do what we are about to do then it’s your wish. You may quit any time!” she answered angrily and got up for going back to the house. She started towards the door but in her midway I pulled her again with her hairs and said” Now I’ll give you the experience you’ll never be able to forget in your life.” I pushed her on the heap we were having fun before. She made her legs wide and opened her cunt hole with her both hands. I got down and with the help of my hands in slid my tool into her deep hole. Initially she didn’t moaned a bit but later she started screaming with pleasure when I stared my to & fro movement with lightening speed. I was over her and she was underneath my belly moving with me and my tool. Her boobs were adding beauty to the scene by moving here and there. Her pink tits were rock hard and were looking like two eyes on her stomach. Suddenly she pulled the cock out of her vagina and started crying heavily because of the pain. “I cant, I cant!! It hurts so much. You have an over sized tool, those boys got small dicks hence didn’t hurt. I am not going to do it any more.” She said while crying. I comforted her by massaging her back and butts with my soft hands.

I shifted down a bit and started biting them softly at first and then hardly. This added more ecstasy and pleasure to her screams. I constantly fucked her in the same position for fifteen minutes till both of us got immensely tired and fainted down there. I pulled her up and insisted for some boob fuck so that her pussy could get some rest. She agreed to it happily and got up. There was a table on the side on which she made me sit with my cock in her hand. She genteelly placed it between her boobs and started moving up and down. Up and down and down and up she continuously moved her lumpy boobs making me feel the seventh sky. “Aaaaahhhhhhh I am gonna cum, I cant hold any more…ahhhhhhhhaaaaa!!” I cummed out a fountain of love juice over her boobs. She pulled out my dick from her boobs and inserted it in her mouth and drank that whole hot soft drink. Then I asked her to try out some dog fuck style. “ Will it hurt?” she asked hesitantly. “ A little, but that wouldn’t feel much as it gives a lot more pleasure.” I replied.

I got down from the table and guided her for the position. I made her sit on her knees and hands same as a two year old kid. Then I took my member in my hand, rubbed it a bit and then entered her from behind. She screamed loudly with pain as this position provides a deep penetration. I shifted my hands towards her boobs from her back and started playing with her erect nipples and pinched them hard with my fingers. Her painful screams turned into ecstasy full screams and she started loving it. We fucked each other for an hour and tried six or seven more positions. It was 3:45 in the morning and was time for uncle to get up so we ran towards the house as our cloths were there.

But before dressing up we went to bathroom for getting cleaned up as we had ruined ourselves in mud and grass. Neha’s hair were full of grass and my so were my pubic hairs. We opened the shower and cleaned each other’s body with foam and soap. She pulled my sleeping cock and foamed it with shampoo, which again made it horny like hell. Watching this she said “please for the last time…” I got the hint hence ran my hand toward my tool and adjusted it between her vagina. Then slowly and rhythmatically inserted it inside her. Then I took my hand towards her shining boobs and massaged them. With my teeth I started biting her nipples, which were in the way of getting rock hard at that time. She leaned over the hot wall beside us so that I could penetrate more easily and deep. Again we fucked each other for about fifteen minutes before uncle got up. After getting up dressed she kissed me good night and went to sleep. For the next whole week we had fun of our lifetime. I bought the book “kamasutra” which describes all the sex positions and tried all of them in that week.

When uncle used to go on work we used to have fun. Everyday we used to had sex about two or three times.

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