Saturday, 14 April 2012

Prakash fucks his drugged sister. Part 2

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We are in the dining hall with out any dress she went to the bathroom.I saw her naked ass swaying.By looking at this i got hard again.After two minutes she returned I made her sit on my lap and We took the drink.Her naked ass is pressing my bare cock hard.After the drink she stood up but i hold her hip and planted a kiss on her ass crack.I squeezed her ass cheeks and seperated them then i rubbed her ass crack.I kissed and licked her ass crack.The smell in her ass crack made me mad over her ass.I licked all over her ass cheeks and i sucked the fleshy ass of her's.I seperated her ass crack gain and kissed right on her asshole.

I licked my sisters shit hole.It is a tiny little hole.Iam surprised how she is able to take the shit out of her through that little hole.I licked her asshole for a few minutes then stood up hugged her from behind.I squeezed her breasts and kissed on her cheeks.My cock was burried between her ass cheeks.I pressed my cock in her ass crack more.I started to move my cock up and down pressing hard in her ass crack.After doing this for a while i took her in my hands and carried her to the bedroom.I made her stand in the doggy style I inserted one finger into her asshole first i cannot enter my finger after applaying some amount of oil my finger is allowed inside her asshole.I applied more oil and inserted my other finger after a few minutes iam able to insert three fingures.Again i licked her asshole and kept my cock on the opening of her asshole.She jumped and pushed me.Told me not to be silly.I told her,

"Elcey it wont hurt it will pains a bit but i can do it with out any pain"

"If it pains you dont allow me.First give the opertunity"

"No,I can't iam not ready"


"Ok you should be very careful"

"I will.I wont hurt my own sisters sweat ass"

She bend down again.I again made the fingure fucking.After enough work from my fingure i put my cock on her asshole.It resists to enter I applied more oil and pushed my cock.My cock head started to enter slowly the foreskin was pushed back by her anal ring slowly very slowly i entered her finally my cock head was in and she shouted.

"Aaaahhh slowly it pains"

"ok ok"

I kept on entering slowly i entered half way in she cried

"Aaaaahhh Shit"

"Is it pains?"


"do you want me to continue?"

"Yes,but Slowly it is hurting be gentle."


Slowly,slowly but finally i entered my entire cock in her shithole and she cried out in pain and tried to pull away but I strongly holded her hip and pulled her to me.She said

"Take it out,take it out I can't it is too much to hold on"

"I got completely in there is no more to enter so please be quite and relax.I will do it slowly"

I hold my cock inside her shithole for a few minutes then slwly moved and she moaned.I started doing it too slow i worked in the same phase about 10 minutes.I enjoyed watching the sight of her anal ring holding my cock while it comes out and while it goes in the wall of her anal ring is pushed in.I watched my cock coming out and entering in into my sister's shit hole.My cock finally find it's way easy to go in and come out of my sister's shit hole.So i increased my phase and worked hard.

Then she pushed me in one point and my cock is out of her shit hole.I thought my sister is putting an end to the anal sex.Then she asked me to lay down sat on my stomach and then entered me in her shit hole again.She starts to work slowly after 15 minutes i realised it is time to cum in my sisters shit hole.I hold her hip and started to dig the shit out of my sisters ass faster.I worked in a heavy speed.I finally cummed in her shit hole.I kept on digging her shit hole even after cumming.So i cummed a little more drops.She collapsed and layed on her back over me.We layed in that position for about 10 minutes.The horning bell disturbed us she pulld my cock out of her shit hole and went to the bathroom.

I went to the door and found my medical shop friend out there.I invited him in and took him to the dining hall we had our lunch.My sister is still bathing.After lunch i called him to my bed room.I went to my sister who is taking lunch I thought how to start.I can't tell her that

She had to fuck my friend.But i have to then i started to talk sexy jokes to her. To be continued...

This story is in two parts.. Click on the page to go to that page directly
Page No: 
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