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Prakash fucks his drugged sister... part 1

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Iam prakash 22 years old iam a goodlooking guy with good phisique and a 6" cock.My sister Elcey is 25 years old.She has a great structure she is about 12" taller than me her breast are firm and and it will make my cock hard always when i looks at it.She used to wear T-shirt and pants or saree mostly I love the shape of her hip and Navel.The amzing part on her body is her ass.They are big and looks in a great shape when she walks in the street all eyes in the street were fixed on her Ass.Her ass will put on a great show for the eyes when she walks.I have musterbated plenty of times imagining her swaying ass.

I always wanted to enjoy my sister inch by inch.This thought is in my mind from my boy hood days.We always talked and behaved as friends many times i have slapped on her ass when she does something naughty.I always enjoyed touching her.

One day my parents went to attend a marriage function in bangalore.Leaving me and my sister alone in the home.I decided to use this oppertunity.I know that our parents will come back only after two or three days.I started to build a plan.I got five tablets from my friends medical shop which will increse the sexual feelings.He asked the reason.I had talked about my fantasy of having sex with my sister before with him.So i said the truth.He gave me the instruction to use the tablets and asked me,


I got a little surprised but he may say the matter to somebody if i dosn't allow him so i asked him to come to my house after two hours.I went to my house she was wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans.I made a Pigeon soupe added the tablet as instructed by my friend in her cup and offered her.She said it was tasty.I went to my room after half an hour she came to my room and talked.

"Hey,prakash what are you doing out here are you musterbating?"

"I will musterbate for you give your cock."

I got up from my bed went near her and hugged her hardly towards me.Then i kissed her on her neck because I have grown only up to her neck.Then i kissed her on her cheeks,eyes,nose,forehead and finaly on her lips.I licked all over her face.I gave her a deep french kiss while i moved my hands slowly down to her Ass.I pressed and squeezed her sweat ass hardly I tried to separate her ass cheeks.I can't suceed completely because her tight jeans restricted me to seperate thouse ass mounts.

I sat on the bed and I made her sit on my thighs facing me.I again gave her a deep french kiss we kept on kissing while my one hand is on her ass and the other on her breast.Both my hands worked harder and harder on her body.I removed her T-shirt and squeezed her bra covered breasts I kissed and licked on her clevage.Then i made her stand i removed my shirt and pant while she removed her pant.I made her lay on the bed.Now she was with her bra and panty and iam with my undies.

I moved towards her feet kneeled infront of her feet tooked her feets on my hands and kissed on them.I licked her toes and sucked them.I removed my panty licked her feet clean and then made my cock between her feet and started to fuck her feet.My cock become hard and hard i fucked her feet for 10 minutes.Then i licked and sucked her leg and moved towards her thighs i massaged them then put my tounge right on her left thigh and started to lick on it.I moved over to her panty and kissed over her pussy a couple of time and smell the odoure of her pussy.I licked over her panty covered pussy and moved towards her stomach i licked around her navel while i played in her navel with my fingures.I licked my sister's navel for some time then i placed my hand on her breast and squeezed. I kissed again on her lips and sucked my mouth while my hands undone her bra.

After removing her bra i had a clear look on her breasts for the first time.Then i touched her bare breast for the first time.I smoothly rubbed over them slowly i increased the presure of my hands over her breasts.She started to moan smoothly.I squeezed her brests harldy I got her nipples in my fingures and pinched them slowly.I pulled them hard she cried in pain.

"Aaaaahhhh "

I took my hand away from her breasts

"Is it pains sister?"

"ya,but i liked it do it again."

I pinched and pulled her nipples for a few minutes.She moaned and enjoyed it very much.

"I like to taste your cock brother.Iam dreaming about sucking your cock for days brother i want it right now."

I stood up she kneeled infront of me and kissed on my cock.Then pinched on my cock lightly and again kissed on it.She lowered the foreskin to explore the red head of my cock.Then she kissed on the red head and licked it.The red head of my cock shines because of her saliva on it i got more harder on this sight.she started to take my whole cock in her mouth inch by inch.She took the whole shaft up to its base into her mouth and then took it completely out and then again in up to the base.Now my whole cock begins to shine because of her spit on it.She took the cock out and bite lightly on the red hed.I have never expected it i shouted in a little pain.


"What happened is it pains?"

"No just iam not expecting that."

She started to suck hard and bit one more time .Then i cummed hard in her mouth.

"Ya cum cuuuummm cum in my mouth"

She swallowed all the cum but a few drops dipping throuh her chin she licked the cum onher chin and swallowed.

I made her lay on the bed kissed on her lips towards her stomach i licked her navel and then moved towards her panty and removed it. I had a good look at her pussy it is hairy i put my fingure on her hairy pussy rubbed it seperated her pussy lips and planted a kiss over there.I strarted to lick her pussy she is wet and her juice is flowing i licked her pussy juice it is really tasty.She starts to moan.

"aah aah Yes yes that feels good lick it lick it hard "

She keeps on moaning and that made me more horny

"Lick it hard make me cum aah aah do it for me."

I teased her clitoris with my tounge i sucked it i bit it smoothly.I started to tounge fuck her pussy.She finally cried out.

"Ahh come on prakash fuck me I can't hold any more"
I took her leg over my shoulder and adjusted myself between her legs.I teased her by rubbing my cock on her pussy for a few minutes.She can't control herself she took my hard tool in her hand and put in the right spot.I tried to insert it but she is too tight.Even though she is wet she can't take me in.I fought for a few minutes then i broke her virginity by entering her.Inch by inch i inserted 2/3 part of my cock in her pussy.I started to work very slowly.After a few minutes of slow work i entered my entire cock in her.She started to moan heavily.I took the entire cock out only keeping the cock head in then insering the whole cock back in.I stared to increase my phase as time goes.She starts to moan loudly.I shut her mouth with mine because the neighbours may hear the sound.I worked hard she shouts.

"Stop! Stop it!"

"I can't hold.I can't take any more stop!"

But i have not stoped instead i decreased the phase.She again shouted.

"I told you to stop.Please stop take it out"

I stopped fucking her but i have not taken it out.I asked her

"What happened?"

"It feels too much i can't hold"

"Ok.Atleast let me keep it in"


I waited for a few minutes sucking her lips and breasts.I licked her hairy armpits.Then i started to fuck her slowly.She was not restricting now.I watched my cock moving in and out of her cunt .My cock is shining because of my sister's cunt juice.I can feel and see her pussy walls hold a grip on my cock each time i pulls out.Each time i moves in and out a fucking sound was explored.Finally i could feel the preasure on my balls indicates iam ready to cum.I dosn't want to cum inside her inorder to avoid her getting pregnant.But i want to feel the pleasure of cumming deep in her.I decided to give pills to avoid pregnancy.With in a moment i came deep inside her she locked her leg around my back to hold me deep inside her.I made a final few strokes to come more.I kept my cock in her and lay down over her.My cock sored and i pulled it out.We washed ourselves and took some cool drinks.

This story is in two parts.. Click on the page to go to that page directly
Page No: 
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