Saturday, 14 April 2012

Raj & his aunt Malika.

here is my sex exp with my own darling anuty.
this happen around 20 days back. when i stayed 2 days at my anuty's place as my uncle was out for some business work. my anuty call me n told that can u stay for 2 days with me as ur uncle is going out. on hearing this i got exited n thought that this might be my time to came my unforgetable dream true.

oh sorry i forgot to introduce myself my name is raj(not real) i m a computer eng. working in a web base companies. i m 25 years old n not married. about my anuty, she is my father sis, around 44 years old, her figure is 38/32/40...great figure na for her age....she name is malika.
here the story beings.

First day was almost went nothing happen as i was just awaiting for the right time. i did not un usaul as my anut could not make out any wrong impression about me. after our dinner we were watching TV. we 2 were alone in the house. we were watching some serial. in a commercial break i was just changing channels....suddenly i stop on star movie.....there was a kissing scene going on.....n the scene was to hot...i mean the 2 person were kissing madly....i just look as my anuty n i found that she was looking at me...then i change the was around 11.30 pm my anut told me that she is feeling sleepy so she went to the bed....i was suppose to sleep in the drawing room.

Then around 12.00 i went to sleep..i just look at my anut's bedroom the door was open n i found her in a deep sleep. still i could not gather courage to touch her.i could not sleep i was just thinking of my tool was getting hard thinking about her....then some how i got some courage n i went to her room. i set on her bed n slowly place my hand on her boobs.....this was first time i have touch a boob that too with clothes on......she was still in deep sleep then i slep beside her n just went near to her was full of juice....i put my lips on her...n started kissing her.....i was in heaven....her lips were so soft......(dear how isur lips) then i got some response from her....her tough was coming in my mouth....n then she opened her eyes n look as me.....i saw some hesitation in her eyes.....but the body was responsing to my touch.....

then i wisper in her ear "anuty i like u very much please let do it...." on hearing this she told me "please don;t waste time...i m hungry for this since 12 years.." on this i got so exited i stood up make myself full nude....n jump on the bed n we were mad ....hurryly i made her nude ..n my aunt was totaly nude infornt of me...her boobs were huge...i went on sucking it....she was moaning "bete muje kha ja ooooo suuuuuccckkkkkk my balls" aorund 20 mins i was kissing her from head to toe n also squeeing n suching her boobs....n also her body.......

after that i told her "anuty take my tool in ur mouth" she told me that "this is not allow is our religion" i told "anuty in our religon sex between mom n son is also not allow but we r enjoy it......please suck my tool....rand" on hearing this she got exited n madly sucking my tool.....i told her i m coming out but she was busy in her business...i cum in her month she took all my jucie down in her mouth....then i left little exshauted....she took my tool in her hand n get me a nice handjob....i was ready again...after this i made a lay down on her back n open a leg wide i hurrly inserted my 7" inch in her....n start fucking her....i made mad n i was like a wild animal....fucked her very hard....

all the time she was making noice like "haaahhhhaaah u.....muje jor se chooodddd......" around 5 min of hard fuck i came in her.....n just lay on her fully exshauted......then we just kissing each other.....n went to sleep........i wroke up in the mornign i found myself nude....she was making tea for me....i just came out nude from the room....n went to kicten...were i found her still nude....i told my aunty " anuty i love you..."

she told me same i went near her n gave akiss...i told in her ears anuty can we both have a shower fuck in the while taking bath she readly agree....n we went to a bath fuck.....after that we enjoyed for 2 more days n dear reader i even fuck my cousin my anut daugther in this period....this story i will tell u people next time...

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