Saturday, 14 April 2012

Raj loves his aunt too much ...

My name is raj I am from madurai.I am writing my first efpirence .this is a real story it happend when i was 19. I copleted my +2 exam , i want to go higher studies, by the time my aunt ,my mothers sister( mothers ,fathers brothers daughter) she brought up by mothers father she married had one 3 year daughter ,she is living in chennai w/her husband.her husbsnd had a crosery shop, he will leave morning 7 and come to home 10 pm. they had owne house and well settled My aunt is good body not thin or fat ,good brest and buttucks,and looks sexy.she dressed well some , she will take care of the bank,and account , When she come to my home in she call me are u comming to chennai, i told yes next day we boath traveled to chennai,we catch a privat coach ,we got a seat , i seat near her.

the baby on her lap.and playing ,some time baby on my lap/ my sholder is tuching her sholder some time my knee also tuchenig her boobs when i took the baby to my thigh and her thigh tuching each other, i can feel the heet and switing , on the travel the baby was sleeping in my sholder my right hand is on her boobs ,ican feel the worm it is going up and wown /she is not sleeping i just put hand on her thigh and my sholder is on her boobs/she thaught i am slleping she hold my hand and press with her left brest i put my fingers betbeen her thighs,then she hold my finger with her two thigs two thigh, i dot know any thing ,and what todo/after some time she took the baby on her lap i slept .

Morning we reached chennai ,at 4 am reached 4.300 am/ my nucle opend the door. she told me to sleep in bed room with the baby and she put light off ,i tried to sleep i could not. i just look in to the hall nobody is their no light /i just look in to their beed room i saw ,good seen,i could not belive my eyes the light is on my uncle is sitting the coat she is standing his frond of him ,she is kissing him,he hold back and rubbing her buttucks,then she rond her sree up and told him to to rub her but she remove his shirt and lungi,she also remove her saree,and petticot,he remove her blouse and bra now they boath naked he now stared to suck her brests boath one by one ,she sit in frond of him and hold his rod put in her mounth sucking and kissing, he lift her and put her in the bed ,then they boath hug ,and kiss each other, ofter uncle sat infront of her, part her legs and bend up he move forward and insert hi rod to her pussy and started pumping,forward and back word,she hold him tightly and saying hhhhhhhh sssssssss. he speed up his strook and stoped slooly then boath hug tightly for some time, she told him i was mad for one week with out u, i am dreeming u, little while she sat on the bed and her back on the wall, she tol him to sleep her lap ,he put his head on her left thigh , she left his head with her left arm and put her boobs in to his mouth he stated sucking,she hold his rod in her right hand started playing up and down it is now 90 degree , then she bend and put his rod in to her mouth ,

ofter some time she she slept on the bed and tol him to suck her pussy he lod no, she told i am doing for u are not doing for me, he lold no, then he started the secound round ,he put a pillow under buttocks she par her leg boath sides he put his leges her boath sider insert his rod into her pussy,and stat pumping ofter 10 min he ejaculate his seman . little wile the boath came out of the bed i went sleep around 1 pm she awake me and told me to take the food , we boath finished food she , me.,and the baby put a sheet in the hall and we slept. around 4 pm i got up i remember the morning seen i put my one leg on her thigh she also awake she is thinking i am sleeping she moved near to me put her hand on my stomach ,then she moved fingers towards down rubbing on my rod I wear lungi and jetty, my rod got eracted ,she put aside the lungi and moved her hand in side my jetty and remove my fore skin down slowly i got bold i silently put my hnd on her hand she not remove her hand ,

she called me raj are u sleeping ,i sad no, she sat near me and told your uncle is always bussy in bessiness ,i am in the home morning to evening alone. i want u thats why i came to madurai and brought u her . then she put down my jetty hold my rod in her hand,mine is 90 degree, she told donot affried,we can enjoy freely ,she told me to hold her boobs,i ststed message,hshe gave me kisses she asked me are you interested fucking,i told yes, did u had nay time, i sad no, i will teech u she told me to sit on her top put the leg boath her side,she lift her saree up and told me to insert my rod into her pussy i tried it is not going in side,she hold my rod and she guide to insert in to her pussy it went inside she told me to pump when i pumping i got full eract ofter some time i ejaculate in to my mothers sisters pussy first time in my life ,she asked me are u happy i sad yes then she told i will make a nice tea for u she went kitchen to make tea i also went there ,standing silently for some time .

then i put my hand on her sholder she not told any thing i moved my hand to her boobs behindher,she told me now u bold. I told her i want see your boobs ,she told me to closed the kitchen door i closed the door and put the light , she lift her blouse with the braw ,she told me what ever u want to do i kissed,sucked,massag, nicely i told to see her pussy also,she told ,u can see but u have to do what i am telling u, i told yes, she told me to sit a small wooden stool in the kitchen ,i sat she stand in frond me and left her sree and showed her pussy,i told could not see properly i untie her peticotand remove her saree,she is half nude she told me to suck her pussy,your uncle is not doing, i opend her pussy w./boath hands/ start kissing ,and sucking. this is the first day in my life then i joind the collage in chennai and w/out any problem i was fucking my mothers sister evey day , only day time ,we will go to mooves,/up to my marrage we done somany adventurs/

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