Saturday, 14 April 2012

Raja & Jinny real get things going

hi friends, im raja from mumbai, i think it is really a great site, and i really did not think that i will ever mail to this site until my encounter with my cousin sister.

well i come from bangalore and stay in mumbai with my relatives. we all come from high class family. i study business management at a presitige university in mumbai, and my cousin sister studies it at the same uni. she is omly 19 and im 22. this is her first year at university. her mother and brother also leave in the same house.

thats good enough fro the introduction.well about my cousin sister jinny, i have always found her attractive, she is fair and the most attractive in her family, with long hair and beautiful round boobs, i always see her in a different way. whenever, i was alone in the house, i used to go in her room, and play around with her panties and bra. i used to even mastubate and leave all the cum all over her panties and only wish that she was in bed with me.

and finally my dreams were answered one day when only me and jinny were alone in the house. her mother and brother went to dubai for the weekend to attend some family occasions and she had to stay back because she had her exam on the following week we were studying on the thursday night in the sitting room. it was about 11 pm. we decided to take a break and started talking about her friends and she did not have any boyfriends and neither did i. she was smiling all the way as she was a very shy person.

suddenly i happen to touch her legs with mine. and quiclky said soory but she said its ok and i did not remove my leg from there. i started moving my legs all over her thigh as she remained silent. i asked her if its ok and she nodded. she said that ahe is tired and i offered her a massage and she said no at the beggining and later allowed me to massage her. i massaged her sholders in her room. i slowy touched her boobs and she did not do anything and i got the signal to do th rest.

i switched off all the lights and only the lights in our room were light on.i came and sat beside her. i statred kissing her and at th esame time statred touching her legs. i took off my shirt and she touched my nipples and i did the same to her. then i slowly took off her shirt. she was wearing a white bra. she really looked nervous and looked into my eyes. i told her to relax and slowy pulled her shorts, she was waering black tights. i removed my shorts and was completly naked in front of her. i laided her down on bed and we kissed for about two minutes and i continued touching her pussy.

i removed her tights and she was wearing her white panties which once i left all my cum there. i smiled to myself. i removed her bra and kissed her nipples and breatst for about 10 minutes and then i removed her panties. she was really nervous. i went down and kissed her pussy which was already wet. i put my tounge directly in her pussy she mouned and said ahhhhh and i kept on doing it.i slowly moved up and statred kissing her and statred penetrating her pussy. she was really tight.

i kept pressuring on, she pussed me away and i have to tongue her again to get her moving which she seem to enjoy. i stared moving in and out of her as she lay helpless she was really hurt and she tried to push me away but i held her tight and continued to push hard she cried and cried but i didnt seem to care about her. i continued doing that for about 20 minutes and i succembed and let all my sperm in her pussy. her body was all red as she lay there like a dead person with all the blood all over her thighs.

we rested and i promised not to do her this rough again. i took her to the bathtub where i kissed her all over her body and make love bites all over her boobs and her pussy. she was afraid and told me not to tell anyone.

we always make love with each other now, we go to uni together with her brother in the car but then we hire a cab and go to the hotel where i fuck her hard. and she continues to enjoy it.

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