Saturday, 14 April 2012

Rajani is introduced to the world of incest...

I am a great fan of your site and have read almost all the experience of different people. I always thought these stories as mind creativity of people until I myself experienced such an incident in my life. Let me inform you all about myself. I am 28 years old living in Calcutta. I am 5’ 11" tall with medium built and wheatish complexion. Now coming to the main topic of writing you. I want to share my experience with all fans.
This happened with me when I was 23 years old. A cousin of mine named Rajani (not her real name) was in town from Rajasthan. She is a beautiful girl not only physically but in heart also. Her vitals read as 35-27-34. I knew that she was with us for a fortnight as she was having her vacations. She is a 2nd year student. I was given the responsibility by my parents to take her round the city and show her all places Calcutta is famous for. I was also free as my summer vacations were on I was happy so that I don’t have to stay at home all the summer. I took her to all the famous places in the town and we started painting the town red.

I never had wrong intentions towards her but the thought her figure use to send shivers through my spine until one day when my parents were out visiting a relative in other part of the town. I was having my bath when I heard something had hit the bathroom door. I called rajni and asked is everything fine. She replied, " Yes everything is fine". Again I heard some footsteps near the bathroom door. I looked through the keyhole of the door and found Rajni trying to hide herself. I wasn’t sure so I kept looking through the keyhole and after a minute she again tried to look through the keyhole but found me looking back. She just ran away. I dried myself, got dressed and came out of the bathroom.

By this time I was thinking that as she has seen me why not I also see her. From that very moment I was thinking about her voluptuous body. She was in her room sitting on the bed. When I entered the room she was very much embraced and apologised to me. I asked her what she was trying to see. She replied, that she had never seen a naked guy in her life except for those in movies and magazines and with that she started to cry. She begged me that she would not do that again. I tried to console her saying that I won’t say this to anyone but stop crying. After a while she stopped crying. I asked her if she wish to see me naked, She replied by nodding her head and a smile on her face. "I will show you all you want to see but in one condition" I said. She asked me what? I replied, " You also have to show me your body. She at first was astonished on hearing this but smiled later on as a sign of her agreement. At that time the doorbell rang and I knew my parents were there. I just said her in the night and moved to open the door.

We have a three bedroom flat. One of my parents another for me and the third fro the guests. We ate our lunch and went out for a movie and my parents went to visit my sister’s inlaws place. We went to see a movie at Globe threatre, which was a horror movie. All the time she was holding my hand tightly and pressed to her breasts. I was enjoying the feel of her warm and soft breast throughout the movie. After the movie we met my parent to a pre decided restaurant for dinner. During the dinner she placed her hands on m thigh and started rubbing it as I was also doing the same. In the meantime the waiter came with the order and we had to concentrate on our dinner.

Once back home we retired in our respective rooms. It was watching the television and waiting for my sexy cousin to come out of her room. At 11:30 in the night and I almost gave up the hope of seeing the voluptuous body of my cousin and was going to bed after switching off the TV. As I was entering my room, which is on the other side of the house, I heard her whispering my name. I looked back as she was coming towards me. I moved back towards her and met her at the mid of the hall. She asked, if my parents are asleep, to which I replied in positive. She again asked my room or hers, to which my face glittered as gold and said my room as it is on the other side. I proceeded towards my room and she closed her room and walked towards my. She was wearing a light lemon colored night suit and was looking gorgeous. On her entrance I blotted the doorknob and we both sat on the bed smiling as looking at each other but don’t know how to start.

It was around 11:45 when I took an initiative and placed my hand on hers and moved slowly towards her thigh. Taking this as a signal she came more towards me started rubbing my thighs. At that moment I broke the silence and asked her if she wanted to see me naked she nodded her head. I said then see what ever you want to and with this I stood up. She at first hesitated but when I opened m T-shirt I was bare chested. She started roaming her hands all over my chest and was slowly moving towards the lower half of my body. After a couple of minute her hand were on my bulge over my shorts and underwear. In the mean time I was moving my hands from her shoulder towards her breasts. She started pulling my shorts down along with my underwear and as she was moving it down her mouth touched my bulge, which was standing like an iron rod. She stood up and was looking at my rod with her mouth slightly apart. I stepped out of my short and underwear and sat back on the bed. Now it was my turn to see her.

I asked her to get naked, she said no. I felt like cheated and said that this is not fair. You are turning from your words and got upset. She laughed and said she was joking. I was a bit relaxed and placed my hands on her shoulders slipping them slowly towards her breast. As I was pressing her moulds she said the deal was just to see one other without clothes and not feeling. To this I started opening the buttons of the night suit’s top from the bottom. As I reached near her breast I started feeling them again. She again reminded me of the deal. I opened the rest of her buttons. The sight of her breast cupped in her bra made me feel to see them soon. I opened her bra and quickly removed her pants along with her panty. Now she was also in the same state as I was. I made her stand and stepped back a step and looked at her top to bottom. She was feeling shy and said she should go now. At this I came close her took hold of her hands and placed on my cock and started to rub. She said no my parents can come any time.

I said my parents wont ever know as I read books late night and you have locked your room from outside and the keys are with us. They will think that I am reading and you are sleeping. With that I pulled her on the bed and placed both of my hands on her breasts. I pressed them as if I was smashing boiled potatoes. She moaned softly approving my act. Her eyes close I took advantage of the situation and placed my lips on hers burning and juicy lips. We were kissing for quite sometime. I moved towards her breasts. I took one in my mouth and was squeezing the other. At that moment someone knocked the door and a voice of my mummy came " Beta its 12:30 now, go to sleep" Rajni and I both were a bit scared. I replied, "Yes I am going to bed" and motioned Rajni to keep quite.

We both started to get dressed and after hearing my parents door close again I switched off my lights and came out to check if any one was there. Then I went back to my room took my cousin along with me and went towards her room. Once she was in her room I stepped in her room and smooched her once again and started squeezing her breasts. She just pushed me out of the room and closed the door behind. I went back to my room and slept. I the morning we were smiling seeing each other while having our breakfast. After I had my bath my mummy informed me that she would be going to meet her friends and will be coming home by 4:00 in the afternoon. She asked both of us to join her but I said that we would be going to Nicco Park today and would be coming back by 3:00 pm.

Taking this as a lifetime opportunity I front of my parents I asked her to take her bath and get ready. She also understood why I am saying this. At that moment my parents left. I asked her can we take the bath together. She refused. I asked her if not so then please come out of the bathroom on wrapped in towel. She replied "Lets see".

She took her bath and came directly in my room wrapped only in towel. Seeing her I jumped out my bed to catch her but she started to run away towards her room. I caught her in the hall but only her towel came to my hand and she ran away. But I caught her before she was able to get in her room. She was stark naked in front of me as she was the previous night. She tried to cover herself with her hands. I moved towards her and removed her arms from her lovely breasts and started sucking them. She didn’t resisted. I asked her can we go all the way. She asked means. I replied, can we have safe sex. She didn’t replied but moved more closed and I took that as an approval. I moved away from her and asked her to wait as I come from downstairs. She asked where I was going to which I replied, "to get some protections". She smiled back.

I came back in few minutes. She had dressed by that time. On entering the house I took her in my arms and hugged her tightly. We both moved to my room as that was near to the bathroom. We started to kiss again. This time she was more active than me. I started to remove her dress and she also did the same to me. In moments we were in our birthday suit. I started moving my hand all over her body from neck to her breasts. I squeezed her breasts and took her nipple, which were about half a inch erect in between my fingers and pinched them. She started to moan loudly. I again started to kiss her and moved my hands towards her vagina. I was now sucking her breasts and her hand was playing with my cock moving it up and down. I played with her nipples in my mouth and her vagina with my fingers.

Then I entered 2 of my fingers inside her vagina. She screamed slowly and removed my hands from her vagina. She moved aside and said no it hurts. I said relax you will feel good. I moved down and started playing with her vagina again. Blowing air on her vagina. She again took my cock in her hands. I started licking her vagina. At this a loud moan uuuu…uuu..hhhhh….. came from her mouth. I kept on licking her and she kept moaning aaaaaahhhhhhhh……..oooooooohhhhhhhh, please move away. Don’t do. But she was pulling my head more towards her vagina. I knew she was enjoying it very much. I stopped and asked her to take my cock in her mouth. She took it and licked it like a child licks a lollipop. While she was sucking the head of my cock I inserted my finger in her vagina. She was now enjoying the movements in her vagina with my fingers. I couldn’t control myself and I erupted my sperm in her mouth.

She let my cock go free. She sucked a bit that was in her mouth. She was looking as I erupted on my bed sheet. I went to the bathroom to clean myself while she lied naked on the bed catching her breath. I didn’t loose the erection. I came back and took a condom from my trousers pocket and put on. Now she was a bit scared as I said that now I am going to fuck her. She resisted but finally gave to my consent. I kept a lot of newspaper under her ass but she said its not required, as she was not a virgin. I spread her legs wide apart and sat in between her legs. Now I started to enter her hole with my iron rod slowly in her dark tunnel. It took me time as she was very tight but once inside I was feeling in heaven, as this was my first time. In started to move my cock in and out of her and she was moaning uuuu…uuu..hhhhh….. aaaaaahhhhhhhh……..oooooooohhhhhhhh, yes, yes do it fast. Please fuck me fast I cant resist and more. uuuu…uuu..hhhhh….. aaaaaahhhhhhhh……..oooooooohhhhhhhh.

She was moaning and I was fucking her fast moving my cock in and out. After few minutes I came inside her cunt. At the same time she also came. I took out my cock. We both were tired with the mutual exercise. I lied on her breast. We kissed a bit and I sucked her nipple and squeezed her breast for a couple of minutes. I checked the time. It was around 12:00 noon. We never knew how one and half-hour passes away.

We went to the bathroom and took a bath together soaping each other body. By 12:45 we dressed and went out for lunch in the near by restaurant. We returned by 2:30 back to our home. I asked could we do it again now. She said not now as my mother would be coming any moment but we can do it in the night. We made our plan and would meet in the night in my room as we did the previous night.

This continued till next 5 days after which she left for her city. Two months later my mummy informed that Rajni got engaged and would get married in December this year. I went to her marriage and we managed to get cossy twice. She took a promise from me that none of our relatives would ever know this and I promised her. But now I don’t know how many of my relatives will know this.

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