Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rakesh screws his divorced cousin

Hi readers enjoy sexy sexy it is my rakesh from delhi . It was the day a few years back whgen my cousin Kallo(nick name) had filed divorce case from her hubby. because he was also fluttering another woman. One she came to our house to live with us for around two month. She was black in colour but very cheering in nature and always made fun to all person who ever she meet to.

I was on leave due to dispute in my workplace. I always have fascinated to imagine if I can fuck her . because she looks sex godesses even if she is black. One day at early morning i was moving towards bathroom wearing only a towel round my waste. and nothing inside. It was very early in morning and dark still . Sudenly I bumped to somebody and it was Kallo.Due to sleepy eyes, and loose body in early morning, I could not have balanced myself and fell on floor. due to that my towel got unwrapped and it was bare naked. she saw me and tried to hide myself in a hassle but she picked my towel and blown it to air makin me naked at floor.

I ran in room hiding my prick wit hand.tried to shut my door but she already put her leg in door. I was frightened because she was my cousin and she was elder than me also having two cghildren. She atonce entered my room and shut the room .with in notime she grabed my semi hard cock and jerked a few time to make it rockhard . I asked KAllo wat u exactly want to do . She told me nonsence .Do not u know I am dying for it as I am not living with my hubby. I said i guess . She told now I want ur services. I told if it is something wrong then, she laughed and said dont worry I have already planned family. It was sufficient for me .

We grabbed each other and was smooching each other. She was rubbing my alover body in the mean time. I was also moving my hands on her ass . Then I opened a few buttons of her gown now her boobs were visible I put my mouth to suck beauty ful black boobs like a baby She was moaning Now I put off her gown completely now we went to sofa and she lay on her back I was rubbing full of body and she was moaning it vigourously I lent below and dug my mouth and lips in deep cunt of her she moaned a loud and griped my head in crotch i was trying to part her thigh she trying to stop my work , she suddenly came with a loud moan bussssss .....busss........hogay


But i was still doing the same she making moans hhhhhahhhhhaaaaaaahhhh.......ooohhhhhhh.. oh god ...........

I than lifted my head and saw her she was smiling and ran toward my prick to grip her .. she held it and doing masturbation ..I was enjoying it too much suddenly i jerked my load at her she told dont worry . it indicates that I am ur first.... But My prick was still rockhard.... I told bussss Now I will penetrate .. And lifted her from ass and put my prick at her beaty ful woman hood cave and inserted full at once in a single jerk she was moaning good good ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha aaahhhhhhh I was pumping hard and hard .

Then with in five minutes I jerked my load and shrank with a full enjoyment but still i was eager to have once more ... I told her the same she told my shake it well So i started shaking but it was not its full erection .. she took it in her moiuth sucking like a icecream it was now getting full andholy shit i was feeling this time in heaven Even her unt was not as enjoyfull as mouth was .

I loaded again but it was leser in quntity in her mouth i requested to do it as much as possible she almosted made me off loaded three times. now i was feeling pain in prick and it now time 7Oclock in morning so , we both ran in our daily coarse. so that that no body can know it . We made love whenever we got time.

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