Saturday, 14 April 2012

Renuka's mother gets new ways to enjoy & earn....


Hai this is renuka again with the story of my mother as a maid. Hope you all read my previous storys sales women and mother seduced house owner. As my mother lost the job she was paying the rent by having sex with the house owner. As she needed money to run the family she decided to go as a maid for a near by home. The family at that house was rich. They had only one boy. He was studying in eighth standard at that time. The mother and father will go for work at morning and they will return only at night. The boy will come from school at evening.

My mother had to go to their house at evening and cook something for night. She had to make tea and give to that boy. As they were rich the used to keep many money with him. Some days I will go to the house with mother. She will prepare food while I sweep the home. My mother used to tug a part of her sarry up so that she can do work easily. So her leg upto knee will be visible. The boy will stand at the entrance of kitchen and watch my mother working. As she was working the clothes will not be arranged properly. Most part of her body is visible. He sometimes fondles his dick watching my mother. This was his usual thing.

One day his parents have to go out of station so they asked my mother sleep in their home with their son for that day. Me and my mother went to the home. At night he was sleeping at the bed ,me and mother at the floor near the bed. I saw that mother had not slept ,she was just lying.

The boy moved to the edge of the bed and slowly placed his hand above her body. As it was dark I think he thought that she was sleeping. He then slowly placed his hand above her boobs. She stay still without any movements. He then slowly pressed her boobs. He stood and sat behind her and placed his mouth above her blouse and sucked it for sometimes and then he went to bathroom.My mother and me went to their home little early. He was sitting in the sofa and was reading magazine. My mother smiled at him and went to the kitchen. After some time he came and stand at the entrance. My mother saw him. She slowly pulled one side of her sarry .The boy did not see it. Now one of her boobs is visible to him if she turn to him.

She began to turn to him many times. He saw her boobs. He slowly came near to her and stand very close to her. She said nothing. He did not cared about me as iam seeing it. He slowly brushed her back with his hand. She did not responded. He slowly took his dick outside his shorts and touched it against her back. She said nothing. He became bolder and touched her boobs with one finger. As she again said nothing he began to fondle her breasts. She was doing her work without saying anything. He slowly pulled her blouse up and revealed one breast and began to suck it. After some time he arranged her blouse and placed some money inside her blouse and he went. Thus my mother began to get money.That went for some days.

One day he said her to shake his dick. She also shaked his dick and when he was cuming she took the dick in her mouth and drank it. On that day she got more amount of money. One day their was his friend in his home. He introduced his friend to my mother. She smiled at him and went to do work. After some time he called my mother to come to his room. She went inside and after some time the door closed. I went and peeped through the key hole. Their I saw my mother was sitting in the bed and he and his friend are sitting on both sides of my mother.

She pulled the pallu of her saree down. The two boys began to press the boobs each taking one of it. She closed her eyes. They opened the blouse and removed it and the bra is also removed. They began to suck the boobs. She was pressing their head towards her boobs. They made her lie on the bed. She opened the shorts of both the boys and fondled it. The boy’s friend moved down and lifted her saree and removed her pantie. Her cunt was now visible to him.

He slowly inserted his tongue in her cunt. She widened her legs. He inserted his tongue deeper into her cunt. She was enjoying it. After some time he came up and the next one went down. The boy’s friend inserted his dick into her mouth. She was sucking it. The next one inserted into her cunt. The boy came into her mouth she drank it all. When the boy playing with her cunt was about to cum he placed it in her mouth and she drank it also. Then both of them give her money. She dressed and came to the kitchen. The boy’s friend went to his home. Thus my mother earned many money. Now we are in good level. Hope you all will enjoy this story.

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