Saturday, 14 April 2012

Rohit screws his aunt from Chennai

i am rohit.iam an engineering studentin chennai.i am 18 and i have a right muscle height is 5' 9" with a hairy broad chest.i have high sex drive.

now let me describe my own real and unexpected incident which changed my life.last weekend iwent to my uncles house(as i am in a hostel).he isworking as a engineer in a private company.i had seen his wife long back ,they had a baby .my aunt not so good looking but she has right structure.she seemed to be not happy.i had my dinner with my uncle and after that he said he had night duty and he will comein the morning next day.

after he went i and my aunt were seeing movie then the baby cried .then my aunt took the baby in her lap and i turned my head towards the tv .when i looked at her after sometime i could see her big boobs in the childs mouth .i became real horny .i could fell my tight rod pressing on my jean.i wasreally enjoying the sight of her tits .suddenly she looked at my eyes .i just put my head down.then she put her breast inside the blouse and took the baby into their the mean timei really felt like
masturburating inthe tv room itself.i thought i should ask my aunt directly rather than behaving indifferent.

so i went into her bedroom by then she was in her white nighty.she was not wearing any bra .they gave me some mad courageand i went near her and then very near and took her in my hands .she was saying "wha...".i said ireally liked her and if she likes iwant to hug her.

she was just speechless.then she said,"rohit,i too like u the first time i saw u iwant to fuck u .u know how stupid ur uncle is he does no sex with me these days.iam really starving.after marriage he has put on his weight and see his belly .i sometimes feel like giving up.come rohit take away my heat ".

then i without wasting minute pushed her onto the bed.the whole night i fucked her like a dog.i cant describe u step by step.i fucked in all positions like on TOP,DOGFUCK(MY FAVORITE),REAR ENTRY(USING OIL).

after that she said she was in heaven and that i had great was obvious i gave her 2 orgasms by fingering and orally.

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