Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sapna is forced to fuck her brother

it all when i was 22 and my sister was 16 years old, it was one of the best thing that has ever happened in my life and i dont feel ashamed of saying that my younger sister is a sex goddes. we are the only two in our family and our parents both work for the goverment. most of the time we are alll alone home. i have just returned from mumbai where i completed my college education. i have allways found my sister sapna really attractive. she is really sweet and really charming person with fair complexion and medium built. i always used to hug her and feel the soft round boobs of hers. and always wanted to fuck her. but did not get a oppurtunity.

it was during our parents annual leave when they decided to go to their village and spend a month there leaving me and sapna alone in the house.

most of the time sapna used to sleep with me even when our parnets were in the house but nothing happend and when my parents went away i knew that it was know or never. when we droped our parents at the station we had our dinner at a resturant and came home at abouit 8. we watch tv and sapna was right beside me with one of her legs on top of my legs. pulled her towards me and put my hand on her thighs and kissed her. she did noot say anything and also kissed me. as we progressed i kept on slowlyy touching her legs and slowly moved towards her pussy, and i keppt on saying that i wish you were my wife. she looked at me in the eyes and said why. i replied that i you were my wife i could do anything that i want. and she repiled that you still can do watever you want. this put me really on and slowly i held her tighly and kissed her on her lips. we kept on kissing for a while as i kept on touching her pussy.

i swityched of the tv and we went to out room where i maid her sit down on the bed. i went back and looked all the doorrs and windows int the house and came back in to the room and closed the door. i maid her lay down in bed and took of my clothes and was only wearing underwear. i reoved her shirt and she was in red bra. i touched her frim breats adn kissed her and slowly took of her short skirt which she was wearing and she was in her black panties. the soght of this really hardned my dick i reoved my underwear and her bra.i squeezed her boobs and kissed her nipples. she seemed so inocent and moaned as she wanted more. i removed her panties. she was completley naked in front of me. i went down and put my tongue right into her pussy she said ahhhhh ahhhhhhand at the same time she held my head i could figure out the desparation that she was in.

i kept on doing it till her juice came and i and drank all that. i moved up and stared kissing her and and slowly inserted my dick inyto her pussy which was really tight. i moved in with great difficutly and fai;led at the first attempt. but with ,more power i increase my momento and pressured in. at last it was in the right place. i started moving in and out of her and she screamed in pain. and tried pusing me away. i removed my dick from her pussy and gave her rest. she was crying and told me to stop but i told her to relax. i kissed all over her neck and made red marks and then i kissed her thighs and made love bites all over. i statred aging she was crying beggin me to stop as she was in pain but the feeling was to great for me to stop and th e sight of her crying even ,made me more active as i stterdd moveing in and out of her.

she shouted ahhhhhhhh and kept doing this. i enjoyed my self and ststred moving in and out oh her until i erected all the sperm in to her pussy. i was really tired myself. i laid down beside her and we selt whole night like that. we woke up the next moring to tirdy thins up. she was barley able to walk. i lifted her up and we had shower together. she said she was not happy wen i did not stop. after one week i did the same thing. she did not like it but her i raped her.on her bed. the nxt day i did it in her pussy. she said she will tell our parnets but i did not stoped myself from enjoying. in the next two weeks before our parents came i used to rape her evry day. and later she stated enjoying. know it has been two years, it is even better for us know as she studies in college and i work. we stay together waya from mubai where our parnets stay beczause of sapna education.and make love every day.

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