Saturday, 7 April 2012

Screwing his mom's sister felt so good

This hapend when i was 18 ,my mothers only yonger sister her age 32 little fat,big boobs,big butts, i am avery attached to my chithi ,she always attached to me, me and my sister in our house my sister allways fight w/chithi.her husband is in dubai we are in kerala in our souranding so many are in gulf , he had one son he in 5 years,her husband will come once in two years, In her house is nobody is their expect husbands father and mother , thy are staying near her house. she uswally come to our house every weekend. 10 km from our house.

if she come to our house she will sleep inmy room put abed sheet in th floor,i like see her breast if she is setting the floor i will see her boobs ,some time she also noticed she may think i am asmall boy some time i will take her in our bike ,her brast will rub my back, if we are going by bus we set togather,

It happend one day we all sleeping in our room my sister my chithi,her son, my self is first she her son my sister. in night my loud is 90degre standing like any thing i do not know what to do , i mooved slooly i tuched w/my kunny to her but ,she was sleeping, ofter some time i put my hand on her chest ,i feel very soft her bob is moving up and down fastly. i just press slooly there is no action from her , i hold little harder.immiditly she catche my hand,and told what u are doing, who teach all this i am going to tell your mon/i got aferied,and told do not tell my mum.

she told ok sleep, little later she turned towards me and asked me are u afreid that i am going tell your mum, then she told me i will not tell, i love u somuch, do u want to hold my boobs,i told yes, she sat near me and open her blouse and bra ,now u hold i hold and message nicely,ofter some time she bend and put her breast into my mouth ,i sucked my mouth full of milk/she lift my lunky and hold my erect penies and told u are not a boy/ then she hug me kissed a lot and told your uncle did one year back now u are going to do she sat and told me also told to sat opposite to her put my legs above her leg and hug we boath are huging my loud is touching her lover stomuch,she lift her sary and told to press mine in to her , it went inside and in side we and lubrecat,

she told me and push my but into her front and back/ofter that she lay on her back and told me do fast/did for some time i ejaclate /ofter we boath huging each other sucking kissing hole night/in the morning around 4pm i got bold, i lift her sarry and started rubbing her pussy it got wet i fuck her very hard she was very happy

Next day she told my mun she want go to bank , we boath left she told me go to her house we enter the house she remove her dress and told me also, i hold her boos and kissed ,she sat in the sofa and told me to kiss her pussy i kissed sucked, we boath fucked three times and went

After that every weekend and when ever we got time i am fucking my aunt still doing fuckin

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