Saturday, 14 April 2012

Shubham has everything planned for a good time.

hello friends and readers of this nice erotic stories this is shubham 23 male delhi student of post graduate in delhi college delhi and only son of mi parentsi have a adopted little sister also she is nainital studying in high school. one day while i was at college i received a message from the family that mi grand pa at banglore is very sick and we have to move immediately so mi son come home immediately. i went back and picked mi parents and dropped them at new delhi railway station. on station i reced a call from mi sister that she is reaching home by kathgodam express so please come to railway station immediately as college has been closed due to some disturbance in the area every ward has been sent back by the school authorities.

since i was at railways and for her train i have to wait for another 1 hours i spend mi time by walking here and there and looking at beasuties around the railway station. it was around 10.30 and train arrived at 11.00 i saw the train and saw mi sister saying i am here. i tok her in mi lap and kissed her on railway station and told her that mapapa has gone to banglore and we two will be in home now a days for next fifteen days so let us make this period as memorable. she said oki we will enjoy the level best but for that u have to take leave from college too. i replied in affirmative.

we went to home and asked her to be fresh and we will have lunch in connaught place and will see some movie and will have dinner followed and will come back. she replied oki. and i offered her a cup of tea and asked her to be ready for the 1st days enjoyment.

she get prepared in mi room and wore a short and loose t shirt without bra and got ready and winking at me siad ok brother i am ready. r u ready for fun. said oh yes we will. i took her to narulas where we had lunch and some beer and went to see a hot movie running in regal talkies. she was with me and movie went on seeing some erotic scene she holded mi hand and said oh brother the movies is enjoyable as i didnot wanted to take any risk didnot touched her. after the movie it was for dinner but we have to wait for that since it was 8 pm only we walked here and there and went to narulas again for dinner. there i took some wine and for her red wine i ordered she sipped one full glass of wine and became mast. we had the dinner and came back home.
since we dont have any work to do hence we watch a soft porn movie and slept together on the same bed but i was too cautious for touching any part of her body i wanted her to say me something about sex and then she will not tell anybody . the whole night we slept together she was in her nighty with bra and probably panty and i was in mi shorts and t shirt. we slept together touching each others body but not intiaitng any action against anybody.she gave me goodnight kiss very big one but no reaction from mi side.

the night went on and we were happy she kissed me in the morning and started our day with cup of coffee and made the program for the day. she asked for long drive to some nearby station where we can hanger around. so we went to karnal the city of karan of mahabharta. we were there entire day and were enjoying our lonelyness in a friendly manner. we again come back taken food outside and we were back by 9 pm and tired but not retired. we were together in mi bedroom kept on watching vcd of some soft porn movie.full of kissing and hugging she embraced me and gave mi a long kiss i to resiprocted with the same and kept mum in the case of sex. but the ice was broken by her saying brother i wish to talk to u about sex will u please allow me. i said oh u want u can she started with kissing me and hugging me her full grown boobs were touching mi chest and she was kissing me vigourously and touching mi body in sensuous manner. now i was loosing mi senses and mi dick was getting the signs of erection.

her body was with mi body and her grown up boobs were touching mi chest and mi semi erected dick was touching her pussy or rather knocking door of her pussy but i was controlling miself. so that nothing sud happen in between us but dil hai ki manta nahin like [position was mine i was hugging her tightly kissing her vigourously and mi toungue was out to enter in her mouth seeing this she took out her toungue and we were both hot on mi bed this was happening. i opened her nighty buttons and made her naked before me and she too made me naked by unjipping mi shorts.we both naked on bed trying to match each other body she took out mi dick for sucking and i was sucking her tits both made efforts to heat up each other .finally i decided to rub the thighs of her and was successed in making her erect and erotic .when she got erotic she started talking here and there i understood now sex is spraking not mi little anita. this was the timer to touch her and exploit the sex so i made an effort to touch here bare boobs above the t shirt she kept smiling.

i tired to take off her shirt which she did not objected. but instead kept a hand on mi cock and tried to open mi jip for holding mi cock. i made her naked from upper now her beautiful boobs were open for me i started her reddish brown nipples she stasrted making little vioces like ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm enjoyable and so on. i was enjoying these voices and sucking her nipples. she took out mi dick and was rubbing it and making up and down of foreskin. i took off her skirt and slided mi hand inside her pussy ohhhhhhhhhhhhh mi god it was cleanshaved. i never thought of so. but it was clean. i started fingering it to mi utmost surprise the finger went inside directly there was no hymen in between so it was event she had enjoyed the sex before. but i diid not made any we both were hungry and decided to go to bed and fuck her directly. i asked her to spread the legs so that i may enter mi dick and start making strokes.

she obiliged me by doing so and i entered mi dick and half of the dick was right inside her pussy in first stroke. in subsequent strokes the full dick was inside and i started pounding her pussy like and devil. but before i cum she told me not to cum inside her pussy as she is frightful for pregnency. i did as she dictated and come on her body which later i licked mi own cum. now she was open with me i asked her about her pussy being open before mi fucking did she ever had any sex relation with anybody there in nainital. i was stunned by her reply. which if u wish can be explained later in second story.

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