Saturday, 14 April 2012

Suman Kumar satisfies his young daughter in law

My name is Suman Kumar and I stay in Delhi. I am 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and muscular body. I am 48 years old but due to my good physique and looks, I am very popular with ladies. My son got married last year to a Punjabi beauty. She was really beautiful and had a very sexy figure. I was happy that my son has got such a lady to enjoy. After they got married we all started to stay together.

My wife and I enjoy a good sex life and do all sort of things i.e., oral, anal 69 and everything that is possible. One night when I was fucking my wife doggy style I felt that the curtain had moved. As I concentrated I saw the chappals of my daughter in law(DIL) from under the curtains! To my shock I felt elated and started to pump even harder. My wife was also pleasantly surprised! She said " Kya baat hai ajj to jaan hi nikaloge kya? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh she came twice and kept saying o maaaaa chodo na ect, but I kept up the fucking. Then with a big push I filled my wife. She just jumped and came again. I felt that I performed better because someone was seeing us!

From that day I kept my door open and always kept the curtain drawn and felt that my DIL regularly saw us fucking. I could feel that she now felt uneasy when we were alone and I felt her cheeks flushed. Some day when I had a hard on I felt that she was staring at my crouch and turning pink!

Once my son went to USA for some work. There he fell sick and called us up. As my DIL did not have a passport till them my wife rushed to USA. We were now alone. We together waited for whole night for the phone call from my wife and I held her hands and even hugged her to comfort her. She kept her head on my shoulders and kept crying. All this while I felt her tits on my shoulders and hands. Although at that we were more worried about my son, I still felt her soft tit and felt they must be really good size and shape. She once accidentally brushed my crouch and I felt that she kept her hand a bit longer than required. My cock was hard as rock and she must have felt it. Then the phone came and my son was all right and my wife said that she would come back in few days.

My DIL was relieved and sobbed in my arms. I kept rubbing her back and kept enjoying the soft touches of her tits! As she relaxed I told her to go to her friends and enjoy or do something else. She said that she wanted to see a movie instead. We went to waves cinema in Noida and looking at the alternatives she said let us see MURDER as she has seen all other movies! I said ok and bought the tickets. I took her to Sheraton hotel nearby and we had our dinner before going for the night show. To my surprise she took some Jin and said she often takes it when going out with my son. I took some beer.

We got side corner seats on the back and those rows were all empty and we were as good as alone there. The movie as you all know has very sexy scenes! When the lesbian scenes started she started to giggle and we exchanged glances. Why do girls do all this she asked? I told her that there are all kind of people. I think the Jin was making her open. As she kept her head on my shoulders keeping her hands between my hands and my body I felt her tits on my hands. I felt that her nipples were getting hard and she pressed them to me too. My cock also got hard. When the scene between boy and girl came she removed her hand and I kept my hand on her shoulder. She came near to me and as I stroked her hands back of my hands started to touch her tits! I felt her take deep breath but not move away. She slowly took my hands and placed them to her tits and slowly said, "dad please hold me tight." I cupped her 34 C size lovely tits and slowly messaged them. I felt her open her buttons and slowly push her blouse to a side and bra too and place my hands on her tits! I kept rubbing and playing with her nipples. She placed her hands on my crouch and started to rub there. The movie ended and we went back home.

I felt that she was intoxicated a little and went to her bedroom and came back in a neighty. It was clear that she had nothing under it! She came to my bed room and said she wants to sleep here are bad dreams are coming to her. She cuddled against me. My hard cock was touching her buts and I felt she backed to get a more feeling of it! She then told me that she has seen me and mother make sex. She told me that my son is not as experimenting as I was! I told her it will come with time. And told her to teach my son what she saw. She took my hands and placed them on her tits and pushed hard against me. She told me that she does not want to have sex but wants to enjoy everything else as she is very tense! I felt too that this was ok and turned her and pushed up her neighty and removed it.

Her lovely body was now with me! I slowly kissed her on her eyes, nose lips and moved down slowly. She was shaking when I reached her tits. I lovingly caressed them. Brushing her nipples with my thumb and then sucking them. I felt her moan. I kept doing it for some time sucking both tits. Then I slowly moved down kissing her tummy and scratching her with teethes. She was now moaning loudly. I now kissed her naval and licked it! That made her moan loudly and say oh dad that is great. She was actually trembling! I moved down. Her pussy was shaved! It was one of the loveliest pussies I have ever seen! The pink inside pearl white pussy lips made wonderful view! I opened her pussy lips and put my mouth to it! She moaned so loudly that I felt she would arouse my neighbors! I now push my long and rough tongue in her pussy hole. She jumped with pleasure moaning hard and saying yes yes yes! I push my tongue in her waiting pussy and started to move it. She pulled my legs up saying let me suck too! So we started 69! Oh god was her reaction! You are sooo big dad she said! Arun (my son is only 5 1/2 while I was 8 inches and thick) She opened her mouth to the full and started to lick my tip.

Suddenly she stiffened and came sending her fluid to my mouth and I sucked the love fluid! She left my cock and laid back. I was in middle of a fire and I laid on her! She told me not to fuck her and instead enjoy in any other way! I told her ok and started to rub my tip to her crack! My huge tip rubbed against her cloiter! She started to enjoy again. Now she was lifting her legs and this made my tip to go in! she moaned saying plz papa nothing more! I said ok and kept moving my tip in and out! The room was full of puch puch sound and her moans. She then asked me papa can you just put in a little? I push in two inches and she opened her mouth for breath! She said oh dad it is so big!

Suddenly she started to bump against me! Said dad plz put more! I asked her if it would be ok? She said dad what is left now? I took a big breath and pushed hard. She cried with some pain and I slipped in my whole 8 inches into her! She just could not believe it and said oh got how could I take the whole of it!! She was not giggling and enjoying and said dad fuck your DIL hard!! I now fucked her hard. She came many times before I filled her with my cum! She slept with me that night and from that day we always enjoy when we get time safely.

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