Saturday, 7 April 2012

Venkat gets a gift from his aunt

This is my thrilling experience with Anjali Aunt which i am going to describe.

This is was happened two yrs back, my aunt anjali with 36-28-38 looks like an angel , and just 10 yrs elder than me. my uncle rajiv works as asst manager in cooperative bank, she had no children. when ever i face her in the mornings she just talk like a friend. asks about my career ,friends and about movies.

she used to wear silk sarees and blouse. & i too fantasize her while bathing daily. she resides beside my room in my house as tenant and in nights around 1'0clock i used to wake and go to bathroom . both their bathroom and mine were 10feet between. she usually left her clothes in the bathroom after taking bath at night, so i collect my aunt's saree and petticoat to smell and chew them, some times i found her petticoat wet with her cum at that times i used to masturbate and pour the cum on them.

one day it happened that my uncle had gone to vizag camp, and he told to my parents to look after his house. as aunty is alone. after two days my parents had left for a marriage nearby village. and will come by night. At that time i didn't know that this day be the first day of my sex experience. As my parents left to marriage my mother asked my aunt to prepare food for me. I went to my friends house and returnede afternoon have my lunch and found my aunt in bed seriously i was stunned and asked about her, she replied of having a fever from morning & asked to bring tablets and zandu balm for head ache.

I came within 10minutes and gave her tablets. she asked me to message her head as it was paining hard. listening to her words i was stunned ,as i didn't touch her until now. power was gone and fan had stopped . she lied in a folded chair ,i went back of her &with my shaking fingers i touched her head and i feel hot there ,i slowly took some balm and started massaging, she was making small sounds like aaahhhhhhhhh, my pulse was raising .

she was in a blue silk saree and wearing white blouse. while moving my hand over her head my eyes had fallen on her chest. her pallu is off and her blouse was clearly visible with her boobs, her pallu was fallen apart and i found that she is not wearing any bra inside. her aroma was slightly visible thorugh her white blouse. and while she was breathing her boobs were raising to double. whcih made my cock like a rod. as i didn't wear underwear it came forward in my pant. she didn't find this as i was standing back of her. after 10 minutes she asked to stop and wants me to come and sit infront of her. i was a little bit shy and before coming front i kept my cock inbetween my legs forcebly.

I found that her pallu were adjusted rightback on her chest, and i sat on her bed infront she asked me where i had gone, and i answered after 5 to 6 questions she took her pallu off and waving to her face and asked me when power might come. suddenly my eyes again fallen on her boobs , and i were caught by her, she asked me about movies and favourite actor and actress.

i replied sharuk and prietyzinta. she asked whether she looks like her, i was stunned and my heart beat was running like a concorde plane. i replied not so because you were 5feet 8inches high and not so fat like maduri.she said" thanks a lot comparing me with maduri"

she also told me that she knew about me of facinating her with her clothes. I told her sorry but she denied of that and too express her feeling towards me. I felt it like a heaven after listening to her. she took her pallu and asked about her boobs and i praised them , anjali came close and asked to give her pleasure till night. I was raiding inheaven , when i stood my dick has come out forward seeing that she applauded that wohhhh ur's is 7.5 inches come on don't do late iwas dying of you.. by hearing that i suddenly hugged her and began kissing her lips, as i didn't have sex before i just kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs.

she said u rascal wait there i will give u suggestions to eataway. she wisherped me to sat in the bed and i did what she said. .. anjali came near to me and unzipped my pant and took the dick in her mouth started sucking slowly . just after a minute my juice has fallen and she had swalloen every thing. i said sorry for that but anjali told that it happens like that ur's is first exp, don't worry, i will make u fuck with in 10 minutes. i said thank u.

i slowly removed my shirt and pant , &this is the first time i were nude infornt a woman. she was standing infornt of me and i was lied in bed , she gave her saree edge to me and I slowly removing that, she was moving round and suddenly it came off and her petticoat of white color were seen . i stood and slowly pick her hand and sat in the bed. her nipples were erected and were seen from her blouse. she slowly kept her tounge on my face and inside my mouth and moving in searchof some thing. i too felt her sweet after 5min she sat down inthe bed and asked me to remove her blouse. with my shivering fingers i touched them for the second time and slowly went for hooks to remove while removing them her boobs were pressing against my fingers that touch made my dick raisen.

within a min all the hooks were removed and she raised her hands to take off the blouse, suddenly my eyes fallen on her armpits they were shaved well seeing that my cock raised to its peek. and i felt happy for that. i quickly moved for armpits to lick and smell they smelt nicely as she had a spray their. after that she asked me" remove the blouse and play with my nipples venkat". I said okay aunty and quickly removed her blouse and by watching her boobs and nipples i felt aggressive and took right nipple in between my thumb and indexfinger started pressing hardly and moaned loudly for the first time, aahhhhhhhh....hhhhhhh..hhhhh venkat come drink me. all the day.

i did the same with her left nipple her boobs were so rounded like a big orange. with white and red combination her aroma is in light pink color . i took both the breasts in my hand and with thattouch i was excited and started squeezing the left one while my tounge is playing with right one. i was squeezing hardly and found some white fluid was falling and she said that it is a kind ofmilk and asked to give her taste . i slowly licked that and gave a french kiss to my aunt. she wisherped "venkat u r so nice go on to my cunt, u will find juice."slowly i came back to her boobs played once withleft one and started going down with my tounge licking all over the body. i found herbelly with my tounge,

i poured some saliva in belly and started chewing and licking her belly ,after 5min i rosed and plucked her petticoat thread it came off and had become loose.i removed it downed to legsand found that she hadn't weared panty. also she shaved the place neatly so that the pint lips were seen clearly. i kept my mouth and started touching her cunt with my tounge. it smelt nicely as she sprayed jasmine ponds,slowly with my fingers i made them apart and kept my tounge inside her cunt, she screamed "u naughty gave me utmost pleasure," and i started hardly with my tounge long inside her cunt , generally i thought that ladies cunt smelt badly, but at that moment i thought it was wrong.

i was in agressive mood and settled there for 5min she came out with her pussy, the juice also smells like bread and i tasted it wholely . she asked me to fuck with my dick. i thought to wear of condom but it is not there at that moment so i left the idea there and started to fuck her

i slowly made her legs apart and kept my cock inside her cunt it wasn't going inside as it was tight. she told me that she help me and asked to fall in bed . my dick was standing as i am in bed, she slowly stood and kept my dick in her cunt. she turned down her legs and sat on my lap with my dick inside her cunt.she was moving upand down slowly. iwasn't satisfied with the position and said to her she agreed and told me to go on for 5min as she enjoys the position.

After that she stood up and took me out of bed made me stood to the wall and asked me to hold her tigh she came close and i hold her tigh slowly moved her towards me she hold my dick and kept inside her cunt.i hugged her and she slowly kept her both tighs on my hip and with that my hands were supported her back , with the touch i became agressive and hold her firmly , she asked to move her slowly front and back i did the same i felt my dick was coming out and in. i enjoyed the position well but i didn't resist the weight of her and slowly moved to the table beside the bed and made her sat on the table and started fucking her at the same time she was playing with her tounge in my mouth. i fucked her for 5min in that style and i was about to come.

i told her about this she asked me to come out in her cunt so that her cunt filled with my juice. but i asked her to drink the juice by keeping in her mouth, she told me to drink the juice later in the night in our next expreience. i agreed and my cum had filled her , also she cameout of passion by sucking my dick after. she applauded of giving her great pleasure. and told that her dream had come true with this experinence. she told methat she knew of me about rubbing her blouse and petticoat over my dick at nights and filled my cum in the bra. also said about fascinating me . she promised to share the moments when ever we get chance. like that we had met 5 to 6 times of those 3times in the night in bathroom.

one day i asked to pose nudely for a photo she accepted but with out face. i did 2 photos and developed in friends lab without his presence,from that time i used to masturbate in the bathroom seeing the photo. I also showed the photos to her she was happy as her face is not there. after 6 months she moved to the next town as her husband got transfered. while going she promised me togive the pleasure whenever i went to her house. till that time we had sex only for 2 times when his husband was on camp now my uncle's mother is staying with them so from the last 6months i didn't made love with i shared the pleasure my seeing her photos. i didn't have scanner in my house. and also i can't go outside to scan these.

u believe it or not athis one is real story

reply me soon about this how u feel . anjali aunty is the only woman i had come through such pleasure till now.

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