Saturday, 14 April 2012

Vinod is taught by his cousin Aparna

Hi this is Vinod. I want to share my first sexual experience with you. I had sex with my cousin sister Aparna when she had come to my house in the month of May. I was 19 then and she too was 19. She had an excellent figure & I had seen her boobs while playing carrom. She was wearing a sleeveless nightdress without her bra and whenever she used to bend to collect the striker, I had an excellent view of her boobs. I could see that because I was not playing. I was sitting on the couch and having the best side-profile view of her boobs & her brown nipples.

So let me come to the main story. My parents had gone to a family friend’s place. I had gone to have my bath. Aparna was alone watching TV. Generally I come out of the bathroom wearing only a towel & wear my dress outside. That day too I came in my towel & removed it. I was stark naked and to my surprise Aparna too was in my room wearing her panties without bra. I asked her the reason for being in that state.

She told me that she wanted to have sex with me. I was shocked. She came near me & gave me a tight hug. Her boobs crashed with my chest & my erect dick with her belly. I slowly removed her panty & I had the most beautiful pussy in front of me. It was clean shaven and looked pink. I could not control myself. I started licking her there. She asked me to stop and I stopped. She turned me on my stomach and started licking my arse-hole. I got charged & my dick was eager to enter her pussy.

Later she gave me the green signal to proceed. I did not know where to insert my dick. I saw two holes in her pussy and I got confused. I tried inserting my finger in the upper hole but it hurt her. Then I inserted my finger in the lower hole just above her anus. My finger easily went inside. It was wet & damp inside. I liked the feeling. I slowly placed my 6’’ dick on that hole and tried pushing in. it was very tight as she too was a ‘VIRGIN’. After a lot of efforts it went inside and she gave a loud moan. I saw tears coming out of her eyes. After some time she started enjoying making sounds like AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH…. OOOOOHHHH.

Later when I was about to ejaculate I told her. She said it was her dry days. So I ejaculated inside her pussy. We remained like that for sometime and then dressed ourselves. This way I lost my ‘VIRGINITY’.

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