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A vintage delight part 2

This story is in two parts.. click on the page number to directly go to that part.
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“e kamu, ki baat che, aaj maan ko dekhi bada prem aato che.” I looked up in her eyes and saw that innocent face. No lady in the world with such huge breasts is supposed to have such a cut a sexy face, a face of a voluptuous sex queen. Her lips were thick and big and very wet too as she took my hand and placed it on one of her huge motherly tits.

“are beta, ehi to maan ki chuchi che , tu choo ke dekh na . Thoda pyaar kar maan ko wahan pe, tujhe pata hai max abhi kyun aaya tha. Aaj main tujhe pyaar karma sikhaongi beta.” She pressed her hand over mine as I nervously cupped her breasts for the first time since childhood.

“o ma , acha lageche, hai maiya tori chuchi badi mast che , kya inhi dabai lun main man.” I mumbled in her ears as she pressed my hands more firmly. The fullness and ripeness of her soft breasts was too much for my hands. Her big melons were not getting fully in my palms and when I looked down at them, I saw that I had only cupped her pinkish large areola. Her nipples were digging into my palms now and I felt as if two little penises have born on her motherly cushions and were trying to fuck my hands. Just as I was holding her from both her humongous breasts, I looked in the mirror on the wall and saw myself. I was looking better than a man and the very idea of holding my mother by her tits, like a bull by his horns or a bitch by her pussy, was crazy enough to make my cock flag itself to greater heights. It was night time and the wick was burning in the oil lamp. I could see a golden light all over my mother’s beautiful heavenly body. She pushed me back and said,

“beta, kamu, thora man kiya karne ko kareche, bolo na amor beta. Uthai le maan ko apni bahon main aur le chal bahar” , I knew what she referred to . There was an old mat lying on the open terrace where as a child I often cuddled up with my mother at night. I waited for no other word from my lusty mother and just picked her up like a doll in my arms. She was only wearing a lungi around her waist now and it was also a little out of shape and giving almost a peek of her cuntal hair and a bit of her labia.

In a second, I took her to the open terrace. There were coconut trees coming to the rooftop and sweet wind was blowing there. The night had fallen and stars sprinkled across the sky with the half waning moon giving just the right kind of light to illuminate the eternally warm chuchies of my heavenly mother who lay right across me on the mat now. The very thought that it was my mother who was looking so beautiful , her body so full and ripe, her chuchies and her big ass shining and her innocent eyes looking at me while her hands played softly with her nipples. I looked at her and bent down to kiss her forehead,

“O mother, you look divine tonight, you look so beautiful mother like an angel from the sky”, my mother shied like a school girl and kissed me full and straight on my lips. This was the first time someone had actually kissed me on my lips. I was in temporary delirium now. My tongue was moving now with her tongue and the kiss got frantic as she bit my lips and tongue too. We kissed for quite sometime and suddenly I felt wetness on my back. I was a raindrop. I got so thrilled. The clouds had gathered a bit over us but the moon was still there on the far end on the sky. I started to enjoy the little drizzle as it fell on my back. My mother now pushed me back and she came on top of me and said in the voice so sexy and sweet that my cock twitched again.

“My child , my son, tonight I am going to give the greatest pleasure of your life. I am going to allow you to use me as your personal woman. I am your dasi tonight. You can do whatever you want with me. If you don’t understand then I will teach you. Tonight you will understand why all the English sahibs are crazy about the women of the village.
Oh my son, now beholds me as I dance to your tune now.”

She barely finished her sentence when I felt the weight of her huge melons on face. Then, to my utter surprise she started to swing her big fat chuchies across my face. O my god, this was heaven. I had never even dreamed of this. My mother’s most beautiful treasures right naked across my face. While I was bathing in her booby glory, I realized that my mother was sitting on my cock. She had her lungi on. She started to move her waist to and fro and sort of started to hip dance down on my cock while boob dancing on my face. I was getting eroticized beyond control now. My hands went to her waist as I hurriedly stripped her off her lungi and threw it on the nearby tree. Now she was full nude as her labia sat on my cock, but I couldn’t feats on her nudity as my view was blocked by two heavenly distractions swinging on their own and dancing on her only child’s face. My hands now went to her massive spongy derriere which was it a piece of art, and I stretched my hands in order to cover them fully. They were soft and buttery and I pressed them with lustful and filial joy to my heart’s content while my mother enticed me with her boob dance. She got into a rhythm and her boobs were wobbling up and down on my face. Sometimes she would get a little away and then thrust her breast all of a sudden, my face slid down the valley of her breasts, she also hummed a tune when she boob danced. My mother was now actually looking like some harem girl totally expert in pleasing men. Now, I understood why all men went crazy about her. My mother was also moaning a little bit as she sat on my penis with just a peripheral contact, she was rocking up and down on my penis too, while she started to boob dance like an Arabian seductress. It was getting too much for me and my cock was also trying to get a touch of the inside of her priceless vagina. While she boob danced in fast motion hitting me with her boobs, slapping them on my face. She started to even press her nipples on my cheeks and slap my cheeks with her pendulous chuchies. I could no longer take it and bit on her white ivory flesh. She squirmed and writhe in lustful exhilaration as my mouth found her pink erect nipple while my hands were caressing her marvelous buttocks. The rain started to get a bit heavy now as raindrops gathered over the cascade like black hair of my beautiful mother. She stopped to dance and looked at me while biting her lip. Raindrops gathered on her white skin and moonlight shone through them, some drops collected on her neck and on there was water clogging in the valley of her breasts too while some drops hung like mountain dew from her luscious nipples. Straight lines of water rushed on her ivory valley and fell on my tummy. Her lips were wet and she was biting them sitting on the top of me while I was lying down and enjoying the rain. From below, her breasts looked really huge and pendulous like two mountains of lust which I must climb today. My hands went up to feel the weight of the most prized possessions of my mother as she looked like a big tit fairy sucking her fat upper lip.

“E kamu, kaisi hai maan ki chuchi aur kya maza aaya tujhe mere chuchi nritya main… ise meri maan ne mujhe sikhaya tha. I must tell you that I was born by the coupling of Mr. Max’s father with my mother. So I am half British and half Indian. But I am all yours my lovely son. Take me the way you want. Do you want to make love to me son? Do you want your mother? Tell me my child, how you want to take me. I am really thrust for some manly loving. Every inch of my body craves for some love. Look at my nipples and see what you have done to them. You have set them on fire, my son and now it is your duty to quench the thirst of your hungry mother. Will you satisfy me my son? Look at my boobs. Aren’t you reminded of your childhood when you used to feed on them on hours? O my child, o my kaka, come and suck your mother’s titties again and make me a mother again. O my child, your mother wants to start a family with you. Come here my love. Fill and fully fill your mother. Take me the way you want. So what I am your mother.” By the time mother completed saying this, her boobs had already reached my erect cock as she enclosed it in her buxom valley. She brought the nipple to the head of my cock and started to rub, it was feeling wonderful, while I kept my hands on her bum. My mother was driving me mad as she rubbed her erect pink nipples up and down my cock. Then she again enclosed it in her boobies and started to thrust my cock up and down. My cock was sliding up to her mouth. She started to suck it like a real mother. I was getting a terrific pleasure which is difficult to put in words. But I was just getting this when I felt something wet enveloping me penis. O my god, my mother was trying to sit on my cock and take it fully inside her. I assisted her by holding her huge bums and my cock slithered like a snake inside her slippery tunnel of lust. Then, she started to bounce and up down movements of her buttocks nearly drove me insane. Was this my own mother shakuntala devi, who was doing it. I looked at her face and smooched her while our genitals united in love thrust up and down. We were totally drenched in rain as her heavy boobs bounced on my face while her wet pussy fully engulfed my cock like a son accommodates any son in her lap. I was getting delirium now and the pressure was building in my balls when my mother slapped her boobs on my face and slapped her bum with her hands. I could not hold it , and I also started to slap her pendulous hanging gardens of motherhood, and I also slapped her bumper ass a number of times, making it all red and pink. She was also screaming in ecstasy as I slapped her fiercely. She then pressed her hands on my throat as if strangling me but I learnt that this was the part of the pleasure process. I also slapped her on the face and she started to vulgarly abuse me while slapping me all the more. I also loved this sweet pain. My balls were really full now and I held my heavenly mother by her waist and started pumping like a mad bull in the sanctum sanctorum of my birth. I even watched my cock as I took it out and slid again my motherly hole for more pleasure. The friction generated by her pussy walls very sweet to bear as I pumped into her deeper recesses . I wanted to fuse into other. I wanted to become one with her. She also wilding rammed her buttocks and the sounds of phuch phuch phcuh filled the room. It was all too erotic and my mother was shortcutting obscenities at the top of her voice.

“Hai , chod mujhe , madarchod…hai mar gayi.kya bada lauda hai tera..hai chod muhhe mere bache..phaad de apni maan ki phudi…mujhe phir se maan bana de…hai mere bache…chod…..aur jor se…aaahhh…haan….hai…mere raja beta …tu shaadi mat karma…warna meri choot ki pyaas kaun bujhayega…hai mere raja…..chod apni maan ko…kha le meri badi badi chuchiyan ..tere liye hyi to mal mal ke masal masal ke badi karvayi hai, mere raja beta…hai ..aur maar….aur zor se…” I was now slapping her breasts like a washerman slaps his clothes. My mother moaned in pleasure as I also slapped her ass brutally. I didn’t know what to do , as I out of instinct took a bit of my mother’s chuchies.

“O mere bete, mera paani chotne waala hai..jaldi se…chod mujhe…aajmujhe maan bana de phir se….meri yoni main apna Prasad daal de beta…hai…” as I suddenly felt my mother’s pussy contracting on my thick cock, she screamed at the peak of her voice as I also ejaculated my seed into my mother’s womb. As we subsided, I could see a distinct joy in her face. The kind of joy which comes from copulating with her own son. With my sperm in her womb now, I had once again united with my mother. I felt a complete man as I slept with her on top and having as much of my mother’s chuchies , as I wanted them. The night soon blew away and it was in the wee hours when I felt my mother’s hand pushing my cock into her pussy. I again pushed into her this time by just lying down. In the coming weeks, we made love like animals in heat. I must have ejaculated a hundreds times in her womb, and she had to be pregnant.

After a month, when her periods stopped, she told me to run away with her to a city otherwise people will know about it. We went to the city only to never return back. We have been living here in this city for about 15 years now as a man and wife. My mother doesn’t even look half her age while our daughter turned 13 this year. It has been smooth sailing for my family as my mother is teaching the family art of boob dance to my daughter these days. Happy days are here again!

Did u like the story. Please do read other stories by me posted on iss too, and don’t forget to mail me your comments and suggestions on where we also share other motherly fantasies. Till I hear from you , it’s the hornyson saying goodbye.
This story is in two parts.. click on the page number to directly go to that part.
Page No. 1 2 


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